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So Far It Has Been Good Business For Solo Capital And Sanjay Shah.

So far it has been eight years since Sanjay Shah started Solo Capital in 2009. For this eight years, this firm has been very successful. Solo Capital is a boutique financial investment and financial services firm that operates all over the world. Solo Capital offers various services as a boutique foe investment and financial services. These services include; proprietary trading that covers derivatives, commodities and FX; financial and investment consultancy services that cover human capital for investments, investments performance and capital investment acquisition; professional sports investments management which cover sports talent acquisition, sports asset management, sports business and financial representation and sports performance analysis.

Solo Capital has been success full so far for the 8years due to two factors, and those are good management and dedicated staff. After the formation of Solo Capital in 2009, pro-businessman and founder Sanjay Shah took management of the firm as its president and chief executive officer. Sanjay Shah led the firm to great prosperity through engaging it in bets for financial situations such as that of the Greece debt crisis. The staff at Solo Capital have been praised for a long time as highly qualified and professional by most of the clients who have used the services before. This staff have a good market knowledge and also a good market experience that has helped the firm grow in business.

One of the biggest achievement that has been along the way for Solo Capital was the acquisition of Old Park Lane Capital in 2014. Old Park Lane Capital is a famous stockbroker firm that deals in the natural resources industry. Solo Capital released a statement saying that the acquisition of the stockbroker firm came at the right time when the firm was looking for new ways in which it can expand its business. It also said that it has been eying the natural resources industry for quite some time know and it us glad that it has finally gotten a way in. Old Park Lane Capital, which on the other had was in a jeopardizing position, said that under the new management it has now gotten the power it was looking for to restart its success journey.

Sanjay Shah, the founder, and owner of Solo Capital is a British citizen who lives in Dubai along with his family. He has a wife and three wonderful kids. Sanjay Shah started his career in medicine where he was a medical student. He later quit this field to join the business and started as an accountant and was able to work for Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse among other famous business firm in his career. On 2009, he was retrenched due to the financial crisis of 2008. He directly went for entrepreneurship as his new career and founded Solo Capital and other 36 companies all over the globe. Sanjay has currently retired from his business career and know focuses on philanthropy. He works as a full-time philanthropist for his autism organization known as Autism Rocks.

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Avi Weisfogal Explores Operation Smile

Usually, the way a dentist helps out a patient is by sitting the patient in a chair and performing an examination. Avi Weisfogel definitely follows this old tried-and-true method of delivering care. He also has another way to make sure certain patients get the care they so desperately need. He has launched a GoFundMe campaign for “Operation Smile”, a fantastic charity that helps underprivileged children around the world access medical and dental care.

Operation Smile was founded in 1982, and the venture has done a lot to help children who otherwise would not be able to access or afford the care they need. Funding is required in order to ensure ventures such as these are able to remain in operation. The actual persons in charge of Operation Smile do rely on others to help raise funds.

Avi Weisfogal has done a lot to help those suffering from various dental and medical conditions. Several years ago, he formed a partnership with other doctors to help treat people with sleep problems. Dubbed “Healthy Heart Sleep”, the program was followed up with “Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients: and “Dental Sleep Masters”. As the names suggest, Avi Weisfogal is motivated to help others provide treatment to people suffering from sleep apnea and other disorders.

Weisfogal’s background in dental medicine is significant. He received his DDS degree from the New York University College of Dentistry. He has been in private practice in New Jersey for quite some time, and he received numerous “Best Dentists” awards over the years.

One the GoFundMe page he runs for Operation Smile, those interested in helping out can do so. Making a donation is fairly easy. Thanks to the work of Avi Weisfogal, more and more people have now learned about the cause and are contributing to it.

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Keith Mann Scholarship Mission

Keith Mann has proven his philanthropy by offering to support the uncommon schools in the United States through giving scholarships to the learners of those schools. The uncommon schools are a non-profit organization charter based management in the US. The scholarships are meant to manage and creative a new group of innovative leaders and will be awarded to students graduating to senior schools each year from those uncommon schools. The scholarships will be of great help or students to get an opportunity to attend a four-year college thanks to the move by Keith to motivate the students.

Keith Mann is a New York-based entrepreneur and the head of Dynamics Search Partners (DSP). Keith Mann is an expert in the executive industry which he has been working in for 115 years. He is a great advocate of education, and he commits himself to find great leaders with [potential whom he then connects to companies helping them to succeed. He launched an alternative investment in the dynamics search partners back in 2002 after realizing a market that was rapidly growing but not fully implemented by the community. He has since then been an expert in the hedge fund compensation, and also in strategies of hiring and staffing. Keith has managed DSP to work with firms in the United States in the industry of alternative investment to the satisfaction of close to 200 clients each year.

Keith aims to support students from low-income families to pursue careers they want and succeeds in their professionals. Students will win the scholarship by writing a 1000 word essay of how obtaining a college degree will assist them in achieving their professional objectives and goals. From his advocacy in education, Keith wants to increase the opportunities for student from low-income families to reach their dreams.

The winner of the scholarship will be announced in March and awarded a total of $5000 scholarship to pursue his dreams. The scholarships are pen to student seniors who are attending Uncommon High School Charter in Brooklyn. Mann’s generosity is eminent with this new mission to support the disadvantaged. He will not only change the lives of the students but also for their families and the society too. They will also encourage students at the senior school to perform well to obtain a chance to attend college.

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