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Pulse Evolution Makes Plans To Be Listed On National Exchange

Pulse Evolution under the leadership of John Textor has become a leading pioneer in the development of hyper-realistic digital humans that are used for holographic live performances. On August 24th 2015 the company has announced that it will file its remaining 2015 required financial as well as an S-1 registration statement in connection with an underwritten public offering as well as an uplisting to a national stock exchange.

The company is a leading pioneer of hyper-realistic digital humans. Pulse Evolution has agreements with some of the biggest celebrity names in the business such as with the estates of Micheal Jackson, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. A digital recreation of the late Micheal Jackson performed at the Billboard Music Awards on May 18, 2014. The performance was watched by over 11 million viewers. The act also generated some 2,400 news articles. Thanks to this and other performances the firm is now seen as a leader in this new field. Besides performances the company is looking at other uses for digital humans such as in the areas of virtual reality where they could be used as avatars or in the area of artificial intelligence

John Textor is the executive chairperson at Pulse Entertainment. He has also been recognized as a leader in big name digital productions such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Transformers and the Pirates of the Caribbean- At The Worlds End. These were all produced while Mr. Textor was at the Digital Domain Media Group before joining Pulse Evolution. Mr. Textor states that the firm is pleased with its current business and technology outcomes, especially at this early stage in its development. He is also delighted that they have been able to establish themselves as early leaders in this field. Mr. Textor was a graduate of Wesleyan University in 1987 in the area of economics.

Mr. Textor has applauded the substantial investment from a group of very dedicated investors. He feels that this has positioned the firm to be a leading developer of new forms of entertainment. The company has been dedicating substantial resources towards software strategies and relationships that will help further the development of digital humans in the field of virtual reality. Another significant portion of Pulse Evolution’s operating income is devoted to the development of likeness assets especially those representing Micheal Jackson, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley.

Mr. Textor also states that the company originally was listed on OTC markets to create a linked security for their European Depository Receipts that are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 2014. This has allowed Pulse Evolution to make $15 million through institutional investors. The funds will help to fund the launch phase. Combined with a considerable interest from strategic and financial partners suggests that it may be time to move to a full reporting status and recognition on a national exchange.