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Joseph Bismark Is A Kind And Spiritual Man

There are many good things that Joseph Bismark has done with his life through the years, and one of the things that he has always made sure to do for himself is to keep himself healthy. He eats on a vegetarian diet and he exercises regularly to keep his body in good shape. And, he also exercises his brain to make sure that he is staying sharp. He believes strongly in the power of yoga and meditation, and he believes that being diverse in the things that one does for their physical and mental health is very important. All of this was posted in an article on Reuters, and anyone who reads these things about Joseph Bismark has to gain a great respect for him.
All of the things that Joseph Bismark has done throughout his life prove to the world what a smart man he is. He has knowledge like not many others do when it comes to his business smarts, and part of the reason that he is as good as he is in his business is because of how healthy both his mind and body are. He knows how to keep his mind sharp and his body in shape, and that helps him in all of the things that he does in his business and beyond.
Joseph Bismark believes in making spirituality a part of his business, and that, along with the way that he keeps himself going with this exercises, has made his business a success. He knows how to do things right and how to treat the people that he works with right. He knows how to be peaceful in his own mind, and he knows how to bring that peace and translate it into the business world around him.
Joseph Bismark can give credit for the way that he is living and all of the things that he has done to the monks who influenced his life during his early years. He lived with them in the Philippines when he was just a boy, and they taught him how to be a kind and spiritual man.

Problems Faced By Small Businesses in Raising Finance

A company can use either equity or debt finance as its main sources of finance. Large institutions find it relatively easy to seek or raise finance but small firms face difficulties in raising finances to augment their businesses. Analysts such as Igor Cornelsen have noted that finance is regarded as one of the most imperative inputs for all business entities.

When raising debt finance, most small firms are faced with the challenge of uncertainty. Most small entities do not have past records and thus, making it difficult for the financial institutions to furnish them with the required fund for expansion. Credit scoring agencies often neglect small entities when making these scores. To this end, banks lack platforms for basing their decisions and thus, failure to extend loans to small businesses. Since most small businesses lack sufficient financial records, they are often required to provide detailed business plan, lists of liabilities and assets, description of directors and managers as well as their security for the loan. Such requirements leave many small businesses locked out of the opportunity to access business finances.

Most banks remain in an entangled position in the sense that they seek an increase in security for them to increase the credit facility to be extended to small businesses. It is significant to point out that small enterprises lack sufficient security (collateral) to raise debt finance. Mismatch of the maturity of liabilities and assets makes it a herculean task for small companies to access medium term loans. Long term loans are easily accessible compared to the short term and medium loans. This is because long-term loans are usually secured with mortgages. In addition, most banks and other financial institutions have a propensity to ask for personal assurances from proprietors of the small businesses. Banks charge higher interest rates and thus, making it quite difficult for the small entities to access debt finance.

Small businesses find it intricate to access equity finance because most wealthy persons are usually not willing to invest in them. Small entities cannot make it to the stock market. This way, these businesses cannot have the privilege of owning shares that they can float to the market in order to source for finances in the form of equity shares. Small entities lack the offer for an exit route especially for investors who wish to dispose their stocks in such enterprises. In order to raise finances, small businesses should create angel networks that can attract potential investors, who come with expertise and finances.

Small businesses lack sound financial records and thus, making it an uphill task to raise finances. Debt and equity finances are considered as the main sources of finance. Banks and other financial institutions have tough financial requirements, which small businesses find difficult to meet.

Spirituality plays a key role in the business life of Joseph Bismarck


The QI Group is one of the world’s largest multi level marketing companies and has spent the last few years looking to spread its message and products across Asia and now into Europe and North America. However, it is easy for me to see the leaders of the group have placed as much importance on providing a working environment that is spiritually uplifting and environmentally friendly as they have successful and profitable. Much of the success of the spiritual side of the QI Group is placed at the feet of Joseph Bismark, according to We Don’t Love These Hogues. 

Bismark has been affected by a lifestyle that has often been affected by the childhood he spent living in the Philippines learning how to be a monk, which had a great effect on his life. For me the business leader brings his training as a monk into every aspect of his own business life with a large level of respect given to each and every employee of QI, no matter what their position or length of service with the company.

As with all spiritual people, Bismark also understands the need to give something back to those around him and the environment in which we live. This need to help the community has led to his own efforts to add social responsibility and assistance for those in need to his own life and encourage others within his companies to follow his lead and have a positive effect on all our lives. The influence of Joseph Bismarck is easy to see in the wellness and healthy food products sold by QNet.