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Drew Madden: A Renowned Entrepreneur in Healthcare IT

Drew Madden is a healthcare IT specialist entrepreneur who has a passion for building a unique and attractive culture in an organization. He is skilled in the creation of high caliber teams and partnerships that last with the clients. In 2010, Drew Madden joined the Nordic Consulting Partners and served as the Chief Executive Officer for five years until 2016. Nordic is considered the world’s largest consulting company. The company has also received many KLAS awards due to their consulting excellence. Nordic Consulting partners were also ranked top when it comes to the implementation of services between 2012 and 2014. Drew Madden talks about his passion concerning electronic medical records. Over the years, Madden has collaborated with the brightest forms of industry implementations. In optimization and troubleshooting, Drew has managed to take on the complex challenges involved in different projects.

During his time in Nordic, the company was able to grow to 275 employees all the way from ten. The number of client partners increased, and therefore the revenue harvests rose significantly. Before joining Nordic, Drew used to work in Ingenix. Ingenix is a subsidiary of the United Healthcare which is referred as Optuminsight today. It majors in business development and stands out among the best consultants in the industry.

Drew Madden began his career in healthcare IT back in Cerner Corporation. His education qualifications are also worth noting for he holds a Bachelor of Science and engineering in Industrial engineering. This course led to his focus on medical systems in the Lowa College of Engineering. According to Drew Madden, healthcare IT involves the creation to use components that are heavily used in cloud computing. It entails connecting multiple systems of data while managing the requirements of HIPAA. Healthcare IT is a broad aspect that includes numerous technologies in store. Today, the present world has also switched to healthcare IT which significantly helps in improving the health of their patients. Healthcare IT can also be used to improve communications with doctors. It acts as a platform to learn and share information about health making a patient choose a more informed decision.