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Jon Urbana and Earth Force On An Environmental Conservation Mission

Jon Urbana, the director of Ellipse USA and co-founder of Next level Lacrosse Camp, is now spearheading a funds drive under the Earth Force banner that will go towards environmental conservation. The drive mainly targets the youth. It is meant to not only get them contribute towards the initiative but it is also a way of indulging them in a reasonable course in life.

Jon is currently a Director and head of Business Development at Ellipse USA, per his website. This prominent role has, however, not kept him out of touch with the current events outside his office space especially the deteriorating environment. It is for this reason that he has come up with this movement to help rehabilitate the already jeopardized environment.

By contributing to this cause, donors help maintain a clean and clear environment. As they take time and reflect on the course for which their monies will be put into, they get to appreciate the importance of nature and conserving the environment. It is also the hope of the organizers that these donors too, do take the challenge partner with them in the rehabilitation course in their respective localities.

Jon stated on Slideshare that he will be relying heavily on the youth of his next level lacrosse camp, Colorado in spreading this conservationist course. This is a camp he co-founded over four years ago (see some pictures of the camp on Facebook) with the aim of keeping the Colorado youth engaged in creative and reasonable activities away from the streets. He is the organizer and instructor/ coach at the club and it is his influence on this youth that he will be relying on.

For the course to reach and raise awareness with the most people, Jon went for the number one international fundraising website, Go Fund Me and started promoting this drive through his Twitter page. He also posted quite a few clever pics on Instagram.

This website supports fundraising campaigns that go towards support of charitable trusts. It makes it possible for people from all walks of life and any part of the world come together and raise amount needed. It also allows for multiple campaigns on its site at any one given time and potential donors are free to donate to whichever course that appeal to them most.