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USHEALTH Group: A Giant Health Insurance Plan Provider

The Human Health insurance industry has immensely grown over the recent past with the growth partly attributed to the increasing need by the average income earners to acquire affordable health care coverage. Numerous companies have so far entered the health insurance market, mainly with the drive of curving out a huge percentage of those seeking coverage.

The USHEALTH Group, Inc. is among the dominant companies in the industry, with the company offering an array of specifically tailored products to meet every family’s health needs. Founded in 1982, the company offers its coverage plans via its portfolio companies such the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, USHEALTH Group and the National Foundation Life Insurance Company.

The company originally traded under the brand name Ascent Assurance, Inc. until March 2005 when it changed its name and subsequently expanded its product base. Some of the common USHEALTH Group products include Med Guard, Secure Advantage, Income Protector, PremierChoice and the friendly PPO Networks among others. The company is currently headquartered in Burnett Plaza, Forth Worth, Texas with an employee base of approximately 213 employees.

USHEALTH Group Insurance

What sets the company’s insurance plans apart is the determination to pay keen attention to finer details regarding each and every client’s need. With customized plans available, individuals are at liberty to access numerous health insurance covers he/his family needs. Some of the broad coverage the company offer include: Accident Insurance, Short-Term Accident Disability Income Insurance, Critical Illness and Life Insurance Dental coverage among others.

Targeting the average income earners who are self-employed, most of these covers are objectively articulated to cater for the client’s financial expenses in the event they are no longer able to fend for their families. For instance, one loses a job, incapacitated by accidents or dead; your family still gets means of survival through matching plan compensations.

USHEALTH Group is known for engaging some of the most cream executives in the sector, driving the company to success and equally receiving numerous Awards for their stellar services. Troy MaQuagge, the USHEALTH Advisors’ president won Gold in the last year’s One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards, an award that saw him named the CEO of the year.