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Squaw Valley Offers Amazing Skiing Packages

It is officially the fall season now. That means winter is imminent, which is certainly a great news for all avid skiers who wait for the ski season to begin. This year, the ski season in Squaw Valley is about to begin on the weekend of Thanksgiving. For those unaware of this beautiful ski valley, it is a serene setting nestled right amid the mountains of Alpine meadows. The Squaw Valley became popular after the 1960 Winter Olympics Event. This beautiful skiing arena and quaint village offer acres of pristine ski valley with lifts, trails and peaks. Those looking for a perfect getaway destination for some outdoor fun should check out this scenic ski valley located close to Lake Tahoe.

What makes the Squaw Valley so unique is its vibrant skiing culture. The place still holds and maintains the legacy of the valley after the Winter Olympics hosting decades back. There are a plenty of lodging choices that offer ski-in and ski-out options. Chair lifts, snowboard slopes, kid’s snow play arena, chutes and trails, snow bowls and adventurous skiing trails are some of the highlights of this skiing arena. The famous Squaw Valley resort offers fully-appointed rooms with loads of plush amenities so that skiers and guests can have an enjoyable stay in this gorgeous snow-filled valley. The nearby village boasts a quaint European village setting, which is also home to a number of restaurants, bars and coffee shops. Guests looking for a place to unwind, relax and enjoy some tasty bites will surely find the village restaurants very convenient.

For experienced skiers, the slopes of the Sierra Mountains at the Squaw Valley ski area are perfect. Novice skiers shouldn’t be disappointed, because there are many learning zones, beginner level ski trails and skiing slopes that offer an awe-inspiring experience and dramatic alpine scenery. Powdered snow and consistent snowfall make the skiing experience very enjoyable for skiers of all skill levels and ages. Skiers can enjoy everything from powder skiing to heli-skiing at Squaw Valley. Plus, the beautiful scenery, gorgeous hilly backdrops, scenic landscapes and pristine valley offer each visitor a perfect sightseeing experience as well.

Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, has recently commented on the upcoming ski season. Unlike last year, it is expected to be a better ski season this year. The season will begin on the weekend of Thanksgiving this year and end in February or March next year. To welcome more skiers and families, the resort will also introduce many winter ski and lodging deals this year as well.

Unwavering Luxury, Unmistakably Dorchester Collection

Anyone who has been to Paris can attest to the fact that there are truly few cities that can rival its mystique or romanticism. As one strolls the streets, passing by the seemingly countless cafes and patisseries, there is an instant feeling of being a part of literary creations of days gone by. While Paris is delightful regardless of how it is experienced, The Dorchester version of it is nothing short of magical.

The Dorchester Collection is a boutique brand of ultra-luxurious hotels, sparsely spread through select European cities and the United States. Paris happens to be home to the exquisite and iconic Hotel Plaza Athenee. It has appeared in countless movies, but one that immediately comes to mind is Smurfs 2. While the whimsical nature of that movie hardly exudes the romance that is unmistakably Paris, the playful genre seems to make the hotel all the more prevalent. In the movie, when the characters arrive at the hotel, it’s impossible not to be drawn to the beautiful greenery that clings to each balcony and the vibrant red flowers bursting through.

Then, there is Hotel Le Meurice, no less exquisite and no less alluring. It’s location in the heart of Paris, close to all the attractions, makes it an ideal setting for those seeking added convenience. The hotel’s proximity, its architecture, and its glorious history (est. 1771), has made it the perfect host to celebrities and high-ranking politicians. Franklin D. Roosevelt was among the more famous political figures to stay there, but there have been many others of comparable esteem.

The luxury of The Dorchester Collection knows no bounds, as the impeccable details and unwavering service is not just exclusive to the Parisian confines. After all, London is home to the brand’s namesake hotel, The Dorchester. With a brand that exudes quality, it’s only natural that the hotel bearing it’s name should hold some significance among the group. Indeed, it does not disappoint! Like Plaza Athenee, there is no shortage of beautiful foliage and vibrant floral arrangements. Over Christmas, it takes on a character all of its own, as the grounds are transformed into a winter wonderland, with lush evergreens and a gingerbread replica of the hotel.

With other locations in Rome, Geneva, Milan, and L.A.; The Dorchester Collection remains consistent in its standards. So, a stay at any one of it’s exclusive destinations, is likely to assure complete satisfaction.

Dorchester Hotels: A Divine Hotel Experience

In 1987, the Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah, purchased the Dorchester Hotel and the Beverly Hills Hotel and shifted ownership to the Brunei Investment Agency in 1991. The Audley Group that is owned by the BIA, was created in 1996 to manage the hotels by one company. At some point in the future,Audley was renamed and their name became the Dorchester Group Limited.They were created in 2006 to manage a lot of hotels in America and Europe. They currently manage ten luxury hotels and the hotels are a combination of totally owned and partly-owned hotels as the Dorchester secures them and manages them on behalf of third party owners. Since their creation in 2006, they have come a long way. Dorchester uses their experience that none of their competitors can match by owning and managing part of the world’s wonderful individual hotels, their vision is to turn into the ultimate hotel management company, with a desire for excellence and being up-to-date, while honoring the originality and the legacy of their hotels. The Dorchester name is very popular with a worldwide reputation that give their customers the best and most sought-after experience of living large, charisma, luxury, and service. Each hotel has their own-of-a-kind style supplemented by present-day fashion and modern facilities. Their historic buildings in wonderful places each hotel epitomizes the culture of its city.The Dorchester has ten luxury hotels worldwide, from London to Las Angeles.

In London, there are two Dorchester hotels. Their amenities include spas, afternoon teas, great food, extravagant rooms,and wonderful restaurants. If you travel to Ascot, you can have relaxation and romance, spacious rooms and suites, fine foods,and sports like croquet, horseback riding, and polo lessons, and relax and eat at the spa. The Dorchester has a lot to offer you in Paris, France also from grand rooms with wonderful art pieces, a restaurant, gorgeous dining rooms, bars, spas, event rooms, a ballroom in two different hotels. While you are in Geneva, visit the distinguished and elegant Dorchester that has housed a lot of celebrities whose focus is on comfort. They also provide all the business and entertainment services you will ever need. Milan offers traditional luxury and the most modern technology,a presidential suite with its own pool, a beauty and fitness center, Italian garden and restaurant, a roof terrace to view the city, afternoon tea at a restaurant, and a bar. In Rome, they have an excellent Presidential Suite with great views of the city, a spacious terrace, sun loungers, and an outside eating area. They also have a rooftop restaurant with wine, great food, cocktails, and piano music. They also have hotels here in America.

If you are in California, the Dorchester has places for you to stay there too. In Beverly Hills, Hollywood celebrities have taken advantage of the never ending luxury of this glamorous location that feels like a resort and has great service. It has a big and beautiful garden, a variety of rooms to meet your tastes, a pool with cabanas, free ice cream and Mojitos by the pool, a spa, restaurant, and a bar. In Bel-Air, you are offered grand residential living with fireplaces and big garden patios. For those that truly want to live it up, the Presidential Suite has its own pool. A restaurant that serves food with local ingredients served in a smart dining room or on a beautiful garden terrace. They also have a spa with facials and body treatments.

Worldwide, the Dorchester has so much to offer their guests, excellent rooms, wonderful food, relaxing spas, bars to unwind in, beautiful outdoor areas, sports activities, and pools. From London to Las Angeles, they are prepared and ready to lavish you with all the luxury you will ever need today and in the future.

Healthy Sweets in Disney World

Disney World is one of the world’s most popular resorts. People come to this lovely part of Orlando to have fun in the sun and get away from their busy lives. Those who are staying at here will now have yet one more delightful dessert option. Erin McKenna is a world renowned baker. Her treats have been offering those in search of low fat, vegan, gluten-free treat in New York City and Los Angeles the chance to enjoy her creations. McKenna’s BabyCakes Bakery has long been the perfect place to grab a lovely cupcake, iced cookie or unusual doughnut made from the best ingredients possible.

Erin McKenna is now bringing her special treats to Disney visitors said Marc Sparks. She will be opening a bakery in Downtown Disney for those who want a sweet interlude while in Florida. The bakery will be located in the scenic town of Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Those who traveling here will be able to sample her signature healthy menu items. The bakery is expected to give locals and visitors alike the chance to sample desserts that use ingredients such as vegan butter that do not use dairy products. All items offered will also be gluten-free, making them an ideal choice for visitors who find it hard to digest this substance and want to have a delicious treat of some kind without worry.

Hotel Grants Hilarious Room Service Requests

Sometimes hotels can get the short end of the stick with some of the guests who come to stay at their establishment, but one hotel in San Antonio went along with some crazy requests made just for the fun of it.

A unnamed person who stayed at the Hotel Indigo San Antonio Riverwalk decided to test the limits of the hotel’s hospitality service. According to an article found on reddit and written by, they had sent the guest a text message welcoming to the hotel and to let them know if she needed anything. Just to see what would happen, the guest wrote back and requested a framed photo of Nicolas Cage in the movie Con Air. The lady was delighted to find just that on her pillow upon returning to her hotel room.

To further test this experience, she then requested additional pictures of the actor in various other movies and the hotel promptly acknowledge her request. The manager of the establishment, Ramon Rangel, said that he was delighted to take care of the requests as he found them to be rather funny. Jaime Garcia Dias told us Ramon also stated that these were not the weirdest that he has come across during his time working at Hotel Indigo San Antonio Riverwalk. So for anyone traveling to that part of Texas, keep this hotel in mind and all of the things that they are willing to do to please their visitors.

Christopher Cowdray is the Hotelier to the World’s Elite

Christopher Cowdray has been the chief executive officer of the Dorchester Collection since 2007. This company currently manages luxury hotels across Europe and the United States. After graduating from the Columbia Business School in New York City, he managed individual hotels on five continents at various points in his career. This enabled him to bring hotel management experience from around the globe to his current position as CEO of The Dorchester Collection. Mr. Cowdray started with this company by managing The Dorchester Hotel located in London, which is one of the world-wide luxury hotels run by this business.

The Hotels his company manages cater to the elite world traveler. They may be the finest collection of hotels in the world. His 30 years of service in this industry have provided Mr. Cowdray with an unmatchable resume in the field of managing such businesses. It is no coincidence that the hotels his company runs are considered five-star establishments. They are sought after by the elite from around the world when they seek out the most prestigious place to stay in a popular destination city. Mr. Cowdray was recognized for his superb management of this company by winning the Lifetime Achievement Award at the European Hospitality Awards in 2013.

Christopher Cowdray has come a long way from his birthplace of Zimbabwe. Earning a degree in hotel management in his home country followed by completing the Executive Program at Columbia Business School gave him the knowledge and training to enable him to rise in the hotel industry. The company started with five luxury hotels and currently has ten. Mr. Cowdray plans to continue to expand The Dorchester Collections brand as well as its collection of hotels. With some of the finest hotels in Europe and the United States, he also plans to carry the company’s brand and impeccable reputation to key destination cities in the Middle East and Asia. This will be in addition to keeping an eye on future expansion opportunities in the two continents already being served. He plans this to be a slow and deliberate expansion only into cities that can support the infrastructure, services and destinations expected of elite clientele. With Christopher Cowdray at the helm, the Dorchester collection should have smooth sailing through the next decade.