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Skout changed my life

Because it’s made a huge difference in the way I live my life. The biggest reason why Skout has been so influential in my life is because I use it to promote my ministry. You would never know that Skout is a network where there are a lot of religious people, but I guess you can find that on any social media network out there. I finally decided to join Skout in order to make some friends, but I was also looking for people who wanted to join the church. Skout has locations on each member, and it allows people to know which city I’m in.

If someone looks me up on Skout, or if they try to talk to me, they’ll know exactly where I am, and a lot of them tend to want to go to my church. I work directly with my church leaders, and I had promised to try and bring in more members. I had never thought about using Skout to bring in church members because I always thought it was a place for dating. The fact is that Skout is a socializing website, so as long as I socialize, I’ll be able to find a lot of friends.

I put together a list of people who I really liked on the Skout network, and I would gently ask them if they were willing to visit my church. Most people didn’t take any offense to what I asked, but there were a few people who said they preferred not to talk about religion online. I completely respected anyone’s opinion, especially if they decline to visit my church, but I still had a lot of success using the Skout network. I had at least 20 people that I met on the Skout network come to my church, and most of them continued coming back to my church.

The Skout network is a great place to find recruits for any type of business, but it’s also a good place to recruit people who don’t have a home church to go to. I’ve been able to help a lot of people go to church again, and many of them have personally thanked me for bringing them to my church. Although it seems weird to use a social media network for church purposes, I’m not the only one who does it. I’m just grateful that the Skout network has allowed me to bring more people to the Lord.

World’s Largest Indoor Farm

In Japan, there is an indoor farm that is the world’s largest and is far more efficient than its outdoor counterpart. The indoor farm resulted from Japan’s need for immediate food produce from a tragedy that hit them causing their food storage to be greatly affected. The building where the indoor farm is located is an abandoned building because of the earthquake. The building has been renovated into a very efficient indoor farm.

The area of the building is 25,000 square feet. It can produce as much as 10,000 heads of lettuce each day. It uses less power, produces less food waste, and requires very little water compared to the outdoor fields. 

The production is accelerated by setting the right conditions inside the building and shortening the hours of day and night. The plants react positively to these conditions, allowing them to grow at a faster rate.

The final destination for the project is full-automation. The head of the project expresses his ideas of making indoor farming as a reliable source of food produce. He thinks that any plant can be produce inside a roof but what is more practical to explore are the crops that grow fast so that they can be delivered and distributed to the markets immediately. Flavio Maluf would like to see more countries try this type of farming and has gone on record of stating this on  his page.

The factory does not only produce lettuces and green vegetables, it also has the ability to produce medicinal plants and herbs.

Update: Elizabeth Gallagher and Jordan Axani Return Home From Their Three Week Trip

A few months ago there was a story in the news about a 28 year old Canadian man, Jordan Axani looking for any woman named Elizabeth Gallagher to travel with him over the Christmas holiday. Jordan and his ex-girlfriend, named Elizabeth Gallagher, had purchased the tickets together before their break-up. As just about everyone knows changing a name on an airline ticket is next to impossible so Jordan decided to find another Elizabeth Gallagher with a Canadian passport to take her place. Well, he did and the pair have returned from their three week adventure abroad.

According to the story on BBC news the pair have returned and now share a sibling like relationship after being virtually strangers at the start. And for those of you wondering they say nothing romantic blossomed between them. Maybe due in part to Elizabeth having a long term boyfriend at home. The pair visited, in order, New York to Milan, Venice, Vienna, Prague, Khao Lak, Thailand, and Hong Kong. They say that while they enjoyed their time touring together, they also enjoyed exploring on their own.

Not only did they get a fabulous trip, Jordan has also found a new vocation for himself. He has started a charity called A Ticket Forward which will allow those who have survived through incredible odds to take trips they never imagined possible.  Gianfrancesco Genoso thinks this is a great idea in his article on JusBrazil.

Abandoned Scottish Houses Subject of Exhibition

Places with few trespassers have their charm. A group of photographers land Susan McGalla found such a place on the Outer Hebrides, a remote Scottish island where there are abandoned houses that have preserved the furniture and decorations.

They are of course decayed, but have their charm. An exhibition with the images shows to the interested how the life was a while ago. The houses never got new owners because the families of the deceased people who lived there feel like it is unfair to sell the property.

There were inquiries to achieve the places, but they were denied. Sooner or later they will still have to be honored since the houses are deteriorating and are close to collapsing. Some of the images look like they are from horror movies.

The photographers said that they felt wonderful in the abandoned places. Some atmospheres there were like somebody left yesterday: they saw unopened letters on the table, plates, decorations. The nature around the place is wonderful.

The estate agents explain that the younger generation does not move to the remote place to live, so when the older generation on the island dies the house is kept for its emotional value. The Outer Hebrides houses images will be available to see in Edinburgh beginning from January.

Police Pull Over Drivers For A Very Different Reason This Christmas


Cops have started pulling over cars but not in a way that you may think, claims an article found at Cops have been pulling over people to give them, presents? That’s right, unknowing drivers like Susan McGalla who probably thought they were getting a pricy ticket this holiday season, got a big surprise when they were offered a present instead. These police officers wanted to show that they do more than write tickets and that they are people too. They aren’t the bad guys.

Wearing a hidden camera and mic on his shirt, police officers asked the drivers what they wanted for the holidays. Their microphone picked up their answers and the other officers in the area ran around and picked up exactly what they asked for, picked it up and drove it to the scene. They pulled over people who had minor traffic violations, the department said that they do not encourage this behavior but they wanted to show the people that they care.

A few weeks prior, Rob Bliss was approached about doing a video about good deeds when Bliss pitched his idea about working with the police officers to pull this off. And all the people had to do was sign a waiver to be able to be on YouTube. But that was a simple task. So, if you are getting pulled over this Christmas, maybe you are one the lucky few getting gifts from your local police.

Don’t Let Those New Year’s Resolutions Get Away!


It is the time of the year when we all think about what New Year’s resolutions we should make for 2015. We can choose to make it fun or serious, depending on our goals. In the article, What Should Your New Year’s Resolution Be? the reader is asked a series of questions that eventually leads to a fun, whimsical New Year’s resolution. Try it and see which fun resolution you get!

On the other hand, if you are looking to set a more serious resolution, the following some Sam Tabar guidelines can help. An article LinkedIn suggests you find something you are passionate about following. It should be something that stirs a fire within you so you won’t give up on it so quickly.

Second, start small with your resolution. If the task is too big, it can be too overwhelming to work on. Instead, break it down into steps. For example, if your resolution is to write a book, the first step might be to take a class on writing.

Third, the resolution should be within your financial means and time constraints. If you need a lot of money and time to stick to your resolution, you probably will not be able to keep the resolution for the long term.