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Felipe Montoro Jens And the Leader Of Trata Brasil

Edison noticed that standard cleanliness in Brazil has 90% of their providers carried out by open public energy, as well as, about 70% of customers are using state agencies. For him, The existence of the non-public initiative isn’t a reason behind forgetting the general public, because the two types of operations can function much better as long as they behave in a supporting way. Edison Carlos, the leader of Trata Brasil, provided a newly released interview in which he stated that government systems possess an excellent and essential knowledge that could be utilized with the collaboration of other businesses to make improvements both with regard to supervision of structured areas and its resources.


Felipe Montoro Jens reported a comment from Edison who made a statement that private organizations have a lot more assets so that it is an essential for them to become an ally and help in preventing water from being wasted. The innovative technological know-how of these businesses has also been pointed out by him as something that would be very important for the water management issue in that area.



Felipe Montoro Jens is an expert in the financing sector. He has performed wonders in the investment world for a long time. Felipe Montoro Jens happened to run the organization to a point of success and he has guided all of his employees in the suitable path. His management skills was a turn-around for that business and have guided him to hold the position of President and Chief Executive Officer.


On April 30, 2010, Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens was given an opportunity of a lifetime and was hired as the Director of Braskem. He eventually left that position in 2013 and over time, Felipe has shown to his acquaintances and the naysayers that his expertise and abilities are well needed and wanted. In his business matters, he’s proven his authority in his position and the man has grown to be a friend to his colleagues as well as a dependable resource to have.

Felipe Montoro Jens – Playing Vital Role In Developing Sanitation Plans For Brazil

Sanitation is slowly but surely becoming one of the biggest problems in Brazil, and even though many initiatives and projects are in place, the problem seems to be getting larger than the solution each time. The government of Brazil to control the sanitation menace in the country recently partnered with the National Bank for Social and Economic Development. This initiative by the government was warmly welcomed by the citizens of the country as well as other departments in the government, including the Water Ministry.


As per the current statistics, over ninety percent of the sanitation projects and initiatives are handled and managed by the government, and private sector has not yet fully involved in this niche in the country. And, this is the space, Felipe Montoro Jens and Edison Carlos wants to be filled up soon. Edison Carlos is the president of Trata Brasil, a primarily dedicated institute that focuses on making and implementing plans across the country on basic sanitation, resource management, and water management. Felipe Montoro Jens, one of the most famous financial executives in the country and infrastructure projects specialists, also believes that the initiative by the government is going to help the country in many different ways.


Felipe Montoro Jens said that the inclusion of the private sector for improving basic sanitation and water management is essential because it would make the necessary funds to complete such projects available quickly. Felipe said that the private sector has the resources available that would make the much easier, and faster. Felipe Montoro Jens added that the Trata Brasil is the right organization to develop sanitation and water management plans for each state of Brazil. Felipe Montoro Jens has studied Masters in Business Administration from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. He also serves as the CEO of the reputed firm Energipar Captacao S.A.