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Securus Technologies; Incorporating Technology in Law Enforcement

Securus Technologies is an American prison technology company based in Dallas, Texas. A leading civil and criminal justice solutions provider; Securus Technologies has helped improve public safety and modernize the incarceration experience. Thousands of law enforcement, corrections, and public safety agencies rely on Securus for simple, robust and secure technology solutions that are ever accessible and easy to use.


Once a week on average, Securus develops a new product or service to assist law enforcement and corrections officials in solving and preventing crimes. Through this, Securus has received thousands of letters and emails concerning their prison technology services and how they help keep the society, including inmates, their families, and parolees safe.


Through their engineers, technologists, designers and thinkers; Securus has continued to provide high-tech software solutions to prisons. Technologies like “covert alert feature” have assisted law enforcement officers in arresting suspects while services like “LBS Software” and “Investigator pro” have helped recover millions in illegal assets, drugs, and cash. Phone call services provided by Securus have assisted prison management in learning of staff members and inmates mischiefs.


In October 2016, Securus Technologies published some facility customer comments on using technology to solve and prevent crime which also included inmate-on-inmate crimes. The comments contained lots of praise from facility customers who Securus had helped in combating crime in their facilities. Among them Securus had assisted in obtaining a search warrant for a corrupt staff member, exposing inmates’ alcohol and drug use in a facility, deterring incidences of contraband in facilities, investigating on harassment complaints and providing conversations to help solve an ongoing case.


Securus Technologies knows the importance of customer services and seems to pride itself on providing exceptional customer service. In this age of changing technology, Securus has stayed ahead of the game by consistently looking for ways to make it easier for inmates, inmates’ families, and most of all, law enforcement personnel.


Awareness of the Use of Securus Technologies

The multi-state campaign that is recently being launched by Securus is allowing more and more prison families to learn the benefits of video visitation services that they can easily utilize from the Comforts of home. There was a major problem in the country right now and the problem happens to be Prison Communication between prison families all over. A lot of people are struggling to be able to keep in touch with their loved ones because of the fact that this has become a problem in their everyday life and something that can truly be an issue for them and their families.


My own experience using secure it has been a great option for me and my own family. Because of the fact that I have a very close relative who has been put behind bars and it’s going to be there for several years, I began to realize that I needed to find a type of service that allowed me to keep in touch with them more regularly than simply being able to make a trip to the prison as often as I possibly could. This is something that I have found to be incredibly beneficial in my own life and I feel I can also be a great advantage to a lot of other prison families all across the country.


Because of the different multi-state campaigns that Securus has launched, a lot of people are becoming more aware of the different services available to them and the fact that they can actually utilize video visitation Services right from home without even needing to go to the prison to see their loved one face to face. This is a quick and easy service for you to utilize and it can totally transform your life for the better so that you have better communication with your loved one.


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