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Eshima Ohashi Bridge The Scariest In The World

If you are afraid of bridges, there are quite a few in America you may want to avoid. However, Japan released imaged of their bridge and it has people shaking in their shoes. It is called the Eshima Ohashi Bridge and it’s over a mile long. It connects the towns of Matsue and Sakaiminato together.

The pictures are quite terrifying and although they show cars going up and down, one has to wonder how they are getting up it? The bridge was built this high on purpose, as there are many fishing boats in the area. The clearance allows the industry of fisherman in Japan to be able to travel back and forth with ease. Can you imagine getting stuck on the top during a traffic jam?

Locals call it a roller coaster ride, and indeed it looks like one. When I was a child we went across the Mackinaw Bridge connecting Michigan to Canada. This bridge is 5 miles long and has a pretty sever incline. I remember my mother being scared to death and my father tormenting her as we crossed. I never forgot that bridge. Apparently she’s not the only one scared of this bridge. People often are so put off by the bridge and its length and 30 mph winds that the authorities over the bridge will drive your car from one side to the other for free.

I guess even though our bridges are scary, nothing will compare to that one in Japan. Many would suggest avoiding the bridges all together and simply bedding-down a The Aspire New Brunswick.