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Jeffry Schneider’s Ascendant Capital

Ascendant Capital, LLC has quickly become one of the fastest growing financial firms in the country. Founder, Jeffry Schneider, is the mastermind behind Ascendant’s great success. He founded Ascendant just five years ago and has led it to the top of the industry. The Austin-based firm is now one of the most talked about firms in the world.

Using a wide variety of networking avenues, Ascendant made its way to the top late last year. The company operates in a diverse range of marketing, education, and sales and operational services. Ascendant and its team member prides themselves on being able to approach financial structuring in unique and innovative ways.

Ascendant Capital raises funds for well-established and up-and-coming alternative asset fund sponsors. Over his years in the industry, Jeffry Schneider has connected with hundreds of other professionals capable of making his company the biggest name in the industry. Ascendant works with dozens of family offices, broker-dealers, private banks, and investment advisors.

Ascendant uses its network to distribute private and public offerings on a global scale. Undertaking such a massive task it what has made Ascendant Capital so successful. The company has rapidly grown over the last five years. Jeffry now employs over thirty professionals. When the company was founded, he only employed two professionals.

Since its founding, Ascendant has raised nearly $1 billion on behalf of several of its clients. Much of its success is due to its network composition. Ascendant works with over fifty broker-dealers, over two hundred registered investment advisors, and numerous family offices. The company also purchases anything it finds to be profitable.

Ascendant doesn’t operate in just one industry. Its immense range is what makes it grow so rapidly. The company growth rate has been called “incredible” and “unrepeatable” by several sources. Jeffry and his team have their sights set on the future. They have no plans of stopping or slowing down anytime soon.

Aside from professional life, Jeffry also shares a passion for healthy living and contributing to charitable organizations. Jeffry has always enjoyed staying fit and helping health-focused charities.

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Working With The Midas Legacy To Achieve Personal Success

Are you struggling to find your footing in a business world that is cut-throat and ready to discard people at the drop of a hat? Then you need to contact Midas Legacy and see how they can help you succeed. This firm has become legendary for its incredibly successful approach to achieving success.

What Is Midas Legacy?
The Midas Legacy is what is known as a “success shortcuts advisory” company. What this means is that they offer people like you the chance to become more successful by providing you with a guiding light and a helping hand.

They will research the market and various other aspects to help you learn how you can stand out in a very packed business world and stand up for success.

They are particularly focused on working with investors who need help finding places to put their money, helping entrepreneurs find a successful company, increasing a person’s chances of a quick retirement, and even helping people find inner peace and tranquility. They are headquartered in Winter Garden, Florida and are looking to help people achieve their biggest dreams.

Who Works For The Midas Legacy?
Unlike many other firms that promise huge levels of success, the Midas Legacy is staffed by real people who care about their clients and who are looking to find ways to motivate them to succeed.

Their publisher is a man named Jim Samson, a man who is well-known for his insightful business concepts. He has been quoted in the “International Business Times” and has worked for two decades in real estate, trading, entrepreneurship, and has even written books.

Samon’s chief editor is Sean Bower, a former journalist who now specialists in combining financial skills with self-help concepts to fuel greater success. He has been quoted in a variety of publications, including “Yahoo Finance” and “Nikkei” over in Japan. One of his biggest successes was a sales increase prediction for Toyota that was right on the money.

Other professionals who will help you achieve your success with the Midas Legacy include Mark Edwards, a health expert who can give you great advice on how to cure yourself naturally and improve your diet. With his skilled advice, you can improve your mental and physical balance and become a more focused and successful business person.

Getting started with the Midas Legacy is as easy as contacting them and asking for one of their free handbooks. With this information, you can get started on your road to business success.

Chicago-Based Banking Firm Madison Street Capital Says Baby Boomers Should Consider More ETFs

Would you believe a large number of baby boomers have little to no retirement reserves? According to Chicago-based investment advisors, Madison Street Capital, the economic crisis that hit years ago created an uncomfortable dent in retirement accounts, and today, many baby boomers remain in the same dire situation. In fact, that economic nosedive left many too squeamish to confidently continue to invest. “What individuals fail to understand is that, it’s even scarier if you’re not investing,” says a Madison Street Capital advisor.

It turns out, one of the friendliest methods of investing for small time novice investors is exchange traded funds, or ETFs, because they offer advantages over other forms of investments. Most individuals are aware of mutual funds, but ETFs offer a number of benefits.

1. Low cost

The biggest advantage of ETFs over mutual funds is that ETFs simply cost less. The fees for mutual funds typically range up to two percent, but ETFs are usually from 0 to less than one percent of the total. Bottom line is, ETFs are cheap.

2. Liquidity

ETFs can be sold faster than traditional investment funds – so it makes it easier to cash out. The selling of conventional mutual funds takes days to finally credit to your account.

3. Easy Diversification

Investors choosing mutual funds are usually limited to investing in whatever the mutual fund offers, yet investors can purchase individual ETF shares at any time, domestic or international.

4. For The Novice And A Small Fortune

ETFs are ideally suited for smaller assets because they do not require expensive management teams with high management fees. Investor depots like Fidelity and Scottrade allow you to purchase as many or as few stocks as you like.

Exchange traded funds certainly have not disappointed. Even financial and stock advice from billionaires like Warren Buffet can be duplicated with ETFs, so don’t allow fear to guide your decisions.

About Madison Street Capital

Chicago-headquartered investment banking veteran, Madison Street Capital advises clients on real estate, M&A advisory, bankruptcy and restructuring, fixed income sales and trading, and a host of other varied financial management and advisory services. Not to mention, the firm’s experts provide research and analysis to help guide clients to making the best decisions. Founded in 2005, the global firm has become one of the top sales forces, securing some of the most high profile deals in the industry. To date, Madison Street Capital has advised on billions worth of transactions.

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Laidlaw & Company who are they?

Laidlaw & Company is an investment bank that has over 150 experienced employees, who focus exclusively in healthcare. Located in the U.K. and the U.S., Laidlaw’s knowledgeable employees help you invest in small healthcare companies that need more capital to expand, giving their clients the potential of making a large profit on their investments.

Now you may wonder What proof is there that this company is trustworthy? Laidlaw & Company according to the Wall Street Journal is not just some new company that no one knows anything about, they have been in the business since 1842, during a depression when 1/4 of the banks around them closed down, and they still came out on top.It is also accredited by the F.C.A. incorporated in Wales, and England on a fully disclosed basis. I personally enjoy the fact that you will not just be sent around to any random person that will take your call, when you talk to an investor at Laidlaw you will soon realize that you are talking to an intelligent, and extremely informed investor with years of experience, and knowledge about the current market.

Laidlaw & Company has many financial researchers, and healthcare researchers help their clients make the best investments possible. They study data from the past, and present market, as well as the development of new drugs to see where the future of healthcare is going. judging by these factors they make the best possible guess as to what pharmaceutical companies are most likely to succeed.