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Sujit Choudhry’s Influential Role in Comparative Constitutional Law

This specialty of law endeavors in handling diverse legal systems. In the United States, Mr. Sujit is recognized as a worldwide figure, mainly employing his in-depth proficiency in making constitutions as a way of resolving conflicts. Besides, he is also a lecturer in the relevant field and has traversed over twenty countries imparting knowledge on law students. Additionally, he has advised several countries on the constitution-making procedure. Some of them include; Libya, Nepal, Ukraine, Tunisia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Egypt and Jordan. It is undeniable that he has upheld a high rank across the world.


Current Positions Held by Sujit Choudhry

Besides being the Professor of Law at the University of California, Berkeley – School of Law, Mr. Sujit Choudhry also serves as the founding director of Center for Constitutional Transitions. Their main idea is usually to undertake thematic research and publish fully refined reports addressing the issues of constitutional design. Their projects are always based on evidence so as to provide reliable policy options to the practicing professionals.

As well, he also discloses that he has partnered with International IDEA to work on various projects. Precisely, he terms them as ‘three large thematic, collaborative research projects.’ When it is normal working hours, you will always find the professor of law plunging into research. As well, he is a reader and says that there are publications that encouraged him as a young scholar. Click to read.


Conspicuous Offices Held by Professor Sujit

Sujit earned his law degrees from Oxford, Toronto, Rhodes, and Harvard. At some point, he also served on Canada’s Supreme Court, where he was a law clerk. As such, Mr. Sujit earned a position in the United Nations Mediation Roster where he serves as a member. He was also an adviser to the World Bank Institute. The South Asian Bar Association of Toronto recognized him as the Practitioner of the Year back in 2011. Awards have been coming his way to reward his incredible global influence. See his profile in for more.

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Based on, back in 2010, Sujit was awarded the Trudeau Fellowship, alongside other three Canadians. The professor has a matchless zeal for his projects. Recently he authored a book on constitution-making, which he also co-edited with Tom Ginsburg, equally a lecturer of international law in the Leo Spitz. The volume is a unique assortment of academic inputs, case studies and definitive relevant articles on constitutional law. He does that because he believes in constitutions as a critical tool of the modern day nation. See his works in


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