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Equities First Holdings – Avail Non-Purpose Loans with Easy Repayment Terms

Many firms offer non-purpose loans, but Equities First Holdings dominate the world of alternative financing solutions. The company has its headquarters in Indianapolis, United States of America. However, the company has its branch offices in nine countries, including Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, and so on. Equities First Holdings have over the years managed to do the business of over $1.4 Billion through the 700 plus transactions it has carried out so far.

The company provides non-purpose loans to high-net-worth individuals and small to medium-sized businesses. For any business to grow, expand and sustain in this highly competitive market, more cash needs to be pumped into the company to retain the competitive edge over its counterpart. However, liquidating the investments that anchor the business is not an ideal solution to fuel growth, which is where the non-purpose loans by Equities First Holdings come in. The company has over the years provided non-purpose loans to many middle market corporations and businesses.

Equities First Holdings is growing at a consistent pace over the years, and the company recently announced that its Melbourne office in Australia is relocating to a bigger and better office that is centrally located in the heart of the city. The management of the company believes that shifting in the central business district in Melbourne would help the firm get more business and also add to the brand value of the business as a whole.

The non-purpose loans are gaining popularity in the business fraternity due to the difficulty in availing conventional loans these days. The non-purpose loans offered by Equities First Holding are against the stocks, which are traded in any of the equity markets across the globe. The non-purpose loans help the borrowers to save their stock investments while also getting the liquidity they need.

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Equities First Holdings, LLC Specializing in Financial Services, Capital Allocation, and Alternative Financing Solutions

Equities First Holdings has now relocated their Melbourne, Australia office to a location that will make their regional office more accessible to their business associates and their clients. They have three separate offices in Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney. Their new location will afford them room for expansion since their Australian business has continued to grow.They are a global company and have established offices throughout nine countries. These other locations are wholly owned subsidiaries in London, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.Equities First Holdings, LLC since 2002, provided alternative financing solutions to their clients by supplying capital which will enable their clients to meet any professional and personal goals by using this capital against shares that are traded on public exchanges around the world.

By offering a high loan-to-value at a low fixed rate interest, they have completed in excess of 700 transactions with a worth of over $1.4 billion dollars. High-net-worth individuals that are looking for non-purpose capital are offered efficient solutions by Equities First.They specialize in alternative finance solution which is not any of the conventional investment types like bonds, stocks, or cash. These types of investments are generally made by institutional investors or a high-net-worth individual since they are of a complex nature and have limited regulations.

An alternative investment can be hedge funds, real estate, private equities, derivatives contracts, or commodities. Most of the alternative assets when compared to the conventional asset, have a low liquidity.Capital Allocation is another of their specialized fields. This is how businesses divide the financial resources or other sources of capital to a different process, project or persons.And last is the Financial Services which are economic services that are provided by the financial industry. This covers a broad range of different businesses that manage money. Credit Card companies, credit unions, insurance companies, banks, stock brokerages, and a few government-sponsored enterprises.