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A Whole Different Kind Of Romance

If you think you know online romance, you don’t know Anastasia Date. This dating website and mobile app has revolutionized the way that people are meeting. It has scrapped the idea that two people must be close to one another geographically and suggested using the whole world of people to find the perfect pairs. After all, if you askmen, there are plenty who believe that there is just one right person for them in the world. If that is true, why not use the whole world as a place to search for that individual the way Anastasia Date does.

Anastasia Date hopes to make it possible for even far flung individuals to connect with one another via the website and hopefully meet. So far, some 4 million people have been attracted to the prospect of this and have made the commitment to find other people who they might like to date via this website. That provides for a wide base of people to select from.

Already, Anastasia Date has managed to bring together approximately 8,000 marriages according to their own numbers. They also say that 80% of those marriages have remained together. That is much better than the typical rate of 50% success that the average marriage in the United States has. As such, it is not unreasonable to believe that there may be something deeper to what is happening on Anastasia Date.

The website has released a mobile app version of the website to help even more people find the ones that they want to connect with. In doing this, the site has made it possible for even the very busy among us to find their true love. They just have to search for the kind of people that they would like to meet right from their phone.  You can find their contact information on this press release.

The creator of Anastasia Date is a woman who was from Russia and moved to the United States to meet her husband. She did not want her experience to be completely unique to her own story, so she created a website that made it possible for others to follow in her footsteps. Now, people from all around the world are finding others in foreign lands and getting their chance to meet them.

Anastasia Date’s website and mobile app, which is available on or GooglePlayStore, are sure to change the way that people will connect with one another. It is making it easier to meet others with similar interests, and it is making it more fun to do so as well.