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Marriot to Partner with Netflix

Hotels have offered a generous selection of on demand movies for many years now, but the films were always locked behind an unfortunate pay per view model. Now, Bloomberg pointed out to Sam Tabar that one hotel chain is ready to cut ties with the outdated model, and make a move to modern streaming.

A.V. Club reports that Netflix has signed a deal with Marriot Hotels to provide the streaming video service in their rooms. The service is debuting in 6 Marriott hotels, and the chain hopes to have 6 more operational by the end of the summer. Current plans indicate that 300 Marriott locations will be equipped with Netflix by the end of 2016. The hotel chain has said that it will bring Netflix capabilities to as many hotels as possible, but has not promised that all of its hotels will be getting the perk.

It is worth noting that neither Marriott nor Netflix have stated how the service will be deployed. It is unclear if guests will have to log in to their own accounts, pay for access to a Marriott account, or if the service will be a free feature in their rooms. A.V. Club has predicted that the Netflix integration will simply allow guests to use their own Netflix account on hotel T.V.s.