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Ethics to Editing Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a website and resource unlike any other in the 21st century. The website has become THE go to destination for seekers of knowledge and it has done so in a startlingly short amount of time, just over one decade. Wikipedia is home to millions of pages of constantly updated data that reflects information as it becomes up to date. In order to keep all of these pages update Wiki creation on Get Your Wiki must employ a volunteer work force to monitor, update, and quality control the entire foundation. Many editors find their way to the website after using the resource passionately for years. For those that want to contribute, there are a few key takeaways when considering leaping in and they primarily have to deal with ethics.

Edit Without Bias
In order to become a steadfast contributor to the many pages of Wikipedia users must first be willing to cast aside any thoughts of bias or non neutral writing. Wikipedia employs the Neutral Point of View (NPV) when editing and all workers must follow it to the T. This means that if a writer cannot maintain a neutral stance on a topic that their work is compromised and thus must not be considered relevant and be summarily deleted or rolled back. There are many controversial subjects on Wikipedia so it makes sense that not everyone can maintain their neutral perspective, the effort must still be made.

Avoid Adding Personal Pages
As with the topic above, users must avoid adding personal pages to the Wikipedia. While the website is truly open source, allowing anyone to add pages, it is still frowned upon to add content that is directly related to a personal subject such as a business or personal relationship. Not only are personal pages routinely biased, but they also don’t typically meet the Wikipedia Notability Standards that are outlined in the Wikipedia Manual of Style. With that being said, if an author IS notable enough to add their own page to the Wikipedia then they should consider utilizing Get Your Wiki.

Get Your Wiki
In the event that a user has a notable enough presence to warrant a Wikipedia page then they should think of employing the website, Get Your Wiki. Get Your Wiki adheres to all Wikipedia standards and regulations while focusing on getting well written articles installed into the encyclopedia for their clients. This is a quick and professional way to land a Wikipedia page.

Flying Expensive for a Reason

If you’ve been flying anywhere recently in the past few years, which I’m sure you have, then you are no stranger to expensive flights. The airlines seem to charge you for anything they possibly can. Well, what if I told you that there are 4 major airlines controlling a majority of the industry? And when I say a majority, I mean %80. Something smells a little fishy doesn’t it. The Justice Department is currently investigating what the call “unlawful coordination” in between these major airlines. By “unlawful coordination”, the Justice Department officials mean to say that they are suspicious that these major airlines may be in communication with each other about things like passenger capacity and timing of ticket purchases and sales. With this information, the airlines are able to conspire with one another and raise the prices of airline tickets. With every major airline on board, potential travelers have no other alternative for a cheaper ticket because they have a monopoly on the airline market says Kevin Seawright. The four major airlines that have admitted to being contacted by the government are United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines and American Airlines. All of them have said they will comply with the investigation, but that remains to be seen. It is no secret that people are tired of paying for over-priced plan tickets because of the lack of options. If this investigation uncovers some foul play by these major airlines, travelers could be looking at a cheap spring break in the future.

Ants Stop Spread of Disease Through Cleaning

Scientists now believe that epidemics are rare in ant colonies since ants are so good at keeping themselves and their surroundings clean. It would seem that ant colonies would be havens for disease, since the ants live cramped together and also share much of the same genetic makeup, but this is not the case.

Scientists recently did studies where they would infect ants with bacterial spores. Once infected, the ants acted quickly to clean themselves and each other and remove the spores. Sam Tabar found this very interesting. The infection did not spread. Ants know to clean themselves even before visible symptoms of disease appear.

Ants conduct all of their business underground by sense of smell. Different types of ants have their own distinctive smell, so maybe odor is part of how ants recognize disease in its very early stages.

Also, scientists have found that when ants are sick beyond hope of recovery they leave the colony and thereby keep the other ants healthy. Young ants are thrown out while older ants leave voluntarily.

It’s interesting that ants understand basic infection control principles by instinct. These same principles had to be figured out slowly by humans over thousands of years. One lesson I take from these discoveries about ants is that humans need to study nature more closely. By not learning from nature, we are just constantly reinventing the wheel.

T-Mobile in Talks with Dish

T-Mobile and Dish Network are in advanced negotiations to merge in another blockbuster deal in the industry. The talks are assumed to be in the late stages and a deal is likely to be stuck in the next month or so.

The plan is for the heads of both entities to continue in the new company in slightly different roles than what they had in the separate companies. Charlie Ergen the Chief Executive Officer of Dish Network will become Chairman of the combined company while the current Chief Executive Officer of T-Mobile, John Legere, will be the CEO of the combined company.

Although the deal is in the late stages of negotiation, the exact makeup of the amount of cash and stock that will be issued in connection with the merger transaction has not been disclosed as the two companies are of unequal size.

The planned merger comes after recent large mergers between companies in the telecommunications market with Verizon buying out Vodaphone for a 100% ownership in Verizon Wireless and with plans to acquire AOL being announced just last month. AT&T has recently announced plans to complete a $49 billion acquisition of DirectTV which pits two similar companies against one another, with Verizon moving in a different direction altogether.

Many larger companies are entering into mergers and acquisitions with the availability of cheap debt eventually disappearing as interest rates rise in the near term. In a FreedomPop review, a person can see a little glimpse of the future.

Senators Ask for Nondiscrimination Extensions

Senators Asks Pentagon to Extend Non-discriminatory Practices

LGBT Rights have been one of the most prominent issues regarding the civil rights and civil liberties of people. These issues include making sure there are protections in place for people of other creeds.

Thursday was the day when several senators pleaded with Secretary of Defense Ash Carter to expand and include multiple nondiscrimination protections for LGBT service members. Democratic senators Chris Murphy and Tammy Baldwin were just two of the many names who took part in this call to action, in fact they were the ones leading the charge.

The reason for why this matter came to be was because the lawmakers in question felt as though equal employment opportunity policies, specifically those at the Pentagon, needed to be updated to include people of all sexual orientations in order to cut down on discrimination. All of this was due to wanting the same considerations being taken for those in the military, even by reporters, once the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy was repealed in 2011.

Senators Murphy and Baldwin said that though the repeal of DADT was a big step forward for people of all sexual orientations, more could still be done, and that the workplace of the military is just not a suitable place for lesbian, gay and bisexual members at the time. They added that the lack of equal protections would undermine American principles according to Gravity4. Twitter seems to agree with that thought.

Senate Passes Fast Track Measure For Presidential Authority

In a rare sign of support for the President, The United States Senate passed the Trade Agreement Fast Track Measure which would give the President broad authority to enter into international trade agreements. The Congress would still have the authority to ratify the agreements but the President would have broad range authority to negotiate and enter such agreements without fear that Congress would prematurely pull the plug on he ratification of such agreements. Many nations had questioned the White House’s ability to negotiate international trade agreements with rhetoric coming from Congress that a veto would be looming. The measure, which now has to go through the House of representatives for Passage, would give the President “more potent ink in his pen” when he signs such measures like the Iran Nuclear Monitoring Deal or the Trans Pacific Trade agreement.

Many like Stephen Murray CCMP Capital thought the outcome of the Trade Measure was unclear as it worked its way through the Senate but many still expect a tougher fight for passage through the U.S. House of representatives. The President has exercised broad executive powers in recent months on Bloomberg since it became clear that Congress would not be cooperative with him with regard to any significant legislation. many in Congress feel that they are delegating their power to the President without proper over sight and checks and balances.
Senate Passes Fast Track Measure for Presidential Authority. Review by United States House of Representatives is Next

Diarrhea Superbug Entering U.S. With Returning Travelers

A number of international travelers, especially those returning from developing countries, are bringing with them an antibiotic-resistant bacteria which is infecting clusters of victims at home. As reported in Time, in California, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania, 90% of the cases were resistant to the antibiotic Cipro (ciprofloxacin), which is the current drug of choice to treat the infection.

The bacteria, shigella sonnei, infects about 500,000 Americans every year. Most types of shigella have become resistant to other antibiotics. Between May, 2014 and February, 2015, the drug-resistant shigella infected 243 victims in 32 states and Puerto Rico. Cipro is becoming less and less useful worldwide.

“Drug resistant infections are harder to treat and because shigella spreads so easily between people, the potential for more and larger outbreaks is a real concern,” said Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC). He also said these outbreaks are a “troubling trend.” The CDC recommends that international travelers such as Dan Newlin be vigilant about washing their hands and know what they are eating.

A living legend, Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is a man with a big heart and very sharp intelligent mind. He was born in Washington and graduated with a bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the Washington University. He attended American University Law School. The father of three is married to Karen Levenson. He likes Playing basketball and golf.


He has been a member and an adviser in many company and charity foundations boards. Some of them include, News Letter and Electronic Publishers Association, Specialized Information Industry, Foundation of Washington, DC, Hoop Dream Foundation and B.A Digital Partners. The former writer of the Washington Star and Observer Publishing is a partner in other companies. There is the GasBuddy a mobile app where motorists get to know where they can find low-priced gasoline. Bruce loves technology, as he is a founding board member and also on the board of directors of TechTarget. The company serves as an on-line intersection of technical content, technology providers and buyers. He is a founder of DOT, a cooking technology where you can toast bread in 3 seconds.
One of his major achievement is the United Communication Group (UCG). He is the co-founder of this award winning company. It provides analysis, data, solutions and guidelines to customers in energy, government contracts, software, telecom, technology among others. The company was the first information company to deliver its information on-line. He is an adviser to the UCG’s executive and also in the UCG’s companies board.
He acquired the Atlanta Thrashers, Atlanta Hawks and operating rights of the Philips Arena and together with Ed Peskowitz, they are the majority partners of Atlanta Hawks LLC. Levenson is the team’s managing partner and also in the NBA board of governors. The Hawks are the only team in Eastern Conference of the NBA to consecutively reach play offs in seven seasons.
The philanthropist together with his wife have funded initiatives that target the disadvantaged people. They include, Peace Players, ” I have a dream”, Bringing the Lessons Home Program at the U.S Holocaust Museum and the Seed School. Their efforts to raise a culture of philanthropist has led to them founding of Center for Philanthropy and Non-profit Management at University of Maryland. The center ensures that those who graduate become successful as heads in organizations that are non profitable and are motivated to be philanthropists.
Bruce Levenson is truly living his life to the fullest from achieving childhood dreams to becoming a prominent businessman and above all a philanthropist,

Cruise Lines Discuss Cuba Destination

Major cruise lines itineraries that include stops in Cuba was one of the most important issues discussed in Miami by presidents and prominent industry executives at a directors meeting at the Convention Center Miami Beach.

“We are all waiting anxiously,” commented Frank del Rio, chairman and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd.

The panel discussion was centered on the current state of the cruise industry and was attended by Arnold Donald, president and CEO of Carnival Corporation & llc; Richard Fain, CEO of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., Pierfrancesco Vago, CEO of MSC Cruises and Frank del Rio.

“It is true that Cuba is different,” he said River, “we will have to adapt to the political, cultural requirements, etc.,” he said.

The entrepreneurs also discussed other possible destinations stated Marcio Alaor BMG, all agree that the future of the industry will increasingly globalized; the Chinese market and the eastern Mediterranean ocean were two of the most discussed geographic locations.

Arnold Donald, said Carnival was first established in China in 2006 and the largest by far in the region, said the biggest challenge now is to communicate effectively within this new market the idea of ??what is a cruise.

According to Donald, a major marketing problem facing the industry in the US is that the public already have preconceived ideas about the cruise experience and they find change is very difficult.

“If these conflicts [geopolitical] could be solved, there are many places in the world where you could set itineraries that would be very attractive,” said Pierfrancesco Vago.

Unwavering Luxury, Unmistakably Dorchester Collection

Anyone who has been to Paris can attest to the fact that there are truly few cities that can rival its mystique or romanticism. As one strolls the streets, passing by the seemingly countless cafes and patisseries, there is an instant feeling of being a part of literary creations of days gone by. While Paris is delightful regardless of how it is experienced, The Dorchester version of it is nothing short of magical.

The Dorchester Collection is a boutique brand of ultra-luxurious hotels, sparsely spread through select European cities and the United States. Paris happens to be home to the exquisite and iconic Hotel Plaza Athenee. It has appeared in countless movies, but one that immediately comes to mind is Smurfs 2. While the whimsical nature of that movie hardly exudes the romance that is unmistakably Paris, the playful genre seems to make the hotel all the more prevalent. In the movie, when the characters arrive at the hotel, it’s impossible not to be drawn to the beautiful greenery that clings to each balcony and the vibrant red flowers bursting through.

Then, there is Hotel Le Meurice, no less exquisite and no less alluring. It’s location in the heart of Paris, close to all the attractions, makes it an ideal setting for those seeking added convenience. The hotel’s proximity, its architecture, and its glorious history (est. 1771), has made it the perfect host to celebrities and high-ranking politicians. Franklin D. Roosevelt was among the more famous political figures to stay there, but there have been many others of comparable esteem.

The luxury of The Dorchester Collection knows no bounds, as the impeccable details and unwavering service is not just exclusive to the Parisian confines. After all, London is home to the brand’s namesake hotel, The Dorchester. With a brand that exudes quality, it’s only natural that the hotel bearing it’s name should hold some significance among the group. Indeed, it does not disappoint! Like Plaza Athenee, there is no shortage of beautiful foliage and vibrant floral arrangements. Over Christmas, it takes on a character all of its own, as the grounds are transformed into a winter wonderland, with lush evergreens and a gingerbread replica of the hotel.

With other locations in Rome, Geneva, Milan, and L.A.; The Dorchester Collection remains consistent in its standards. So, a stay at any one of it’s exclusive destinations, is likely to assure complete satisfaction.