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Top Nude Beaches in the World

Some people hate tan lines so much that they want to go where they can bare it all and avoid the unsightly white lines. Good news for those who want to sunbathe sans suits, there are several nice nude beaches around the world beckoning you to come and leave your clothing behind.
* Samurai Beach, Australia has camp grounds on it’s wide expanse of sandy shore and offers nude community picnics.
* Secret Cove, Nevada is Lake Tahoe’s blue water nude beach retreat.
* Denny-Blaine Park, Washington isn’t officially a nude beach, but few beach-goers leave there with tan lines after a day in the sun.
* Black’s Beach, California boasts naked scuba diving.
* Little Beach, Hawaii is a popular nude beach for surfing, boogie boarding and Sunday drum circle.
* Wreck Beach, Canada hosts skinny dip days and swim nights.
* Paradise Beach, Greece is for the partying crowd.
* Valalta, Croatia has a beach that is home to nudists year’round. A nude marina also attracts boating enthusiasts.
* Grande Saline Beach, St. Barts has turquoise blue waters that attract the clothed and un-clothed.
* Playa El Torn, Spain is a rocky and secluded beach for baring it all.
* Praia do Pinho, Brazil doesn’t allow unaccompanied males to roam the beach, so it’s BYOM (bring your own man) or he has to stay at home.

Thanks to my friend, the great businessman Zeca Oliveira for introducing me to this list.