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Does your Shampoo hold up to the test?

When it comes to hair products, you can’t accept anything but the best! Too many products leave hair lackluster, or they just don’t add up to what your hair really needs. Did you know that you can cleanse your hair without using harsh sulfates? While cleaning your hair, not only can they damage it causing split ends, but they also pull the moisture directly from your hair. Sulfates also can even remove any dyed color in your hair. You spend a lot of time, money, and effort keeping that hair color gorgeous, so it should be protected, right? Right.

WEN Hair by Chaz may just be the perfect solution for you, and, well, everyone. You’ll cut your shampooing time down to zero because their conditioner not only conditions your hair but cleanses it as well, leaving your hair truly healthy. WEN products by Chaz Dean ( contain all natural botanicals, herbs, and extracts. They clean and moisturize your locks without those damaging sulfates. Not only does it do that, but it can replace so many other hair care products! You know your deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and detangler? You don’t need those. WEN Cleansing Conditioners do all of that for you. Make the switch from sulfate filled products because WEN by Chaz is the only brand you’ll ever need for truly safe hair care. Wen Hair care products are available online via eBay, QVC or the Guthy-Renker online store.