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Dick DeVos Makes It to the Top in Business World

Dick DeVos is definitely making a name for himself in the world business. He has proven that he had the courage to take over in his father’s place of leadership with Amway. He has proven that he can also start his own businesses and be successful on his own as well. There is a lot of talk about all that he has done in the business world because he has continued to carry on the legacy of creating quality products and services for consumers just as his father did. This is a lot for Dick DeVos to be proud of, and I think that he does take pride in business.


I do not believe that this is where he has the greatest amount of pride for what he has done with his life. I definitely believe that a lot of the philanthropy that Dick DeVos has been involved in has made his life the most proud. Dick and his wife Betsy have been long-time contributors to the education system in America. They have been especially fond of contributing to the education of children in the state of Michigan where they reside.


I certainly believe that Dick Devos and his wife are making a big difference when it comes to improving the education system. There is certainly a need for education reform, and that is a part of what the DeVos family has been doing. I believe that there are going to be even more contributions that are made as Dick Devos and his family acquire other businesses. It certainly seems that Dick and his sons and his wife have an interest in the business world. He has been a politician as well, but it appears that the business world is where he is best suited for the type of things that he is interested in. He recently got into the wine business with Wind Quest, and he has continued to show a lot of growth as a business leader even after decades of working in CEO positions from Amway to other business ventures. There is definitely a lot of interest in what he is bringing forth to the business world because he has innovative ideas.


Dick Devos has dedicated a large portion of his life to coming up with new ideas for companies that were under the Amway umbrella. He started off with a successful company that was handed down by his father. He also branched out in the business world to prove that he was capable of starting businesses from the ground up and making his presence known as a business leader. Dick DeVos has combined his love of business and philanthropy through the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation.


Eric LefkofskyAnd His Many Different Business And Philanthropic Endeavors

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur that was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1969. He grew up in Southfield, Michigan and was the son of a structural engineer as well as a school teacher. He currently is the co founder and CEO of many different companies and is also involved in many different philanthropic Endeavors. Below are just some of Eric Lefkofsky most notable positions and some of his top philanthropic endeavors.

Co FounderAnd Chairman Of Groupon

One of Lefkofsky’s most notable jobs to date is being the co founder and chairman of the very popular website Groupon. Groupon is an e-commerce website that was founded in November of 2008. It is currently one of the most popular websites in the world and boasts millions and millions of subscribers. Groupon is available in more than 28 countries and is one of Eric Lefkofsky’s biggest accomplishments.

Co FounderOf Echo Global Logistics

Lefkofsky is also the co founder of Echo Global Logistics which is a logistics company that was founded in 2005. It is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and employees many people from all walks of life.

CEO And Co Founder of Tempus

Tempus is a unique company that is headquartered out of Chicago, Illinois. Tempus has built a system that helps physicians and caretakers to analyze data and treat cancer patients more effectively. Using technology and genetic coding doctors are able to provide better care for cancer stricken patients.These are just a few of the many different business endeavors that Eric Lefkofsky has been a part of. He is also the co founder of Mediaocean as well as Uptake. Aside from his many different business endeavors Eric Lefkofsky is also known for his many philanthropic endeavors.Find him on Facebook: Click here.

Philanthropic Endeavors

Back in 2006 Eric Lefkofsky and his wife Elizabeth formed their own charitable trust named The Lefkofsky Foundation. To date The Lefkofsky Foundation has helped fund over 50 different charitable organizations all around the world. They are committed to bettering the health, education and well-being of children and individuals all over the world.In 2013 Eric Lefkofsky and his wife also joined The Giving Pledge. The Giving Pledge is a great organization that is run by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. The goal of the organization is to help inspire the wealthiest people in the world to donate their money to different charities.These are just a few of the many different philanthropic endeavors that Eric Lefkofsky has been involved in. He is constantly working to find new and innovative ways to help individuals all over the world.

Dick DeVos Is A Hard Worker

When people need help, they usually turn to places that they are familiar with or have seen help other people. One of these types of places is charities. For many generations, people have turned to charities when they have needs. The reason charities have been a place where many people turn is because of the tradition that charities have around the world. People have an idea of what charities do even if they have never actually had an interaction with charities.


One of the reasons why charities have been around for such a long time is because people provide contributions to charities to allow charities to help people. Without money, charities would not be able to help people in need. The contributions of people allow charities to operate. As a whole, charities serve many purposes. One of the main purposes is to help people regarding their individual needs. Charities are equipped to help people with their needs. There is a structure of help available for people and charities play an important role in the structure.


While there are many charities, people decide the charities that they will support with contributions. There are a variety of reasons why people decide to give contributions to certain charities. One of the main reasons is the ability of charities to encourage people to give contributions. While charities are not a for profit business model, charities still have to do many things that businesses have to do concerning processes such as getting the word out about the charities.


People give money to charities that they are familiar with, have heard a lot about, or people mention to them. This is why it is vitally important for charities to make sure that people know about the charities. When charities are known, the contributions become more frequent.


Dick DeVos is a person who knows a lot about charities. He has given millions of dollars to charities in his life. The amount of money he has given to charities totals over 139 million dollars. He has given to many different charities that represent many different causes.


Dick DeVos is the president of the Windquest Group. He has provided excellent leadership to the company. Dick DeVos has a long track record of successful leadership in executive roles. He has produced successful tenures of leadership with Amway and the Orlando Magic to name just a few. His desire to succeed along with the hard work that he puts in are reasons why Dick DeVos has been able to have a successful business career.


Dick DeVos is respected in the business world. He has shown that he can produce results. Dick DeVos has helped to improve companies where he has served in executive positions. I think that Dick DeVos is an outstanding business professional who makes a difference in the world though his caring for other people.