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A Luxury Experience in Real Estate with TOWN

If you are looking to purchase an apartment that has a balcony, patio or any type of area for greens in NYC real estate, be prepared to pay at least 10 percent more than an apartment with no green space. New York is New York and in each of the five boroughs, it is the same story. Upper Manhattan is likely to be the most expensive, and the Bronx and Brooklyn are your best bet to find apartments with balconies.

If you go to Staten Island, this famous New York borough will offer several more listings with small yards, which includes single-family homes also. You will need some extra patience and perseverance in Manhattan, but there are a few apartments with balconies for a higher price.. The search can grow pretty intense as you search for your slice of heaven in the thriving metropolis, and if you are not familiar with the layout of the city, you’ll find yourself lost at every turn.

TOWN Residential Paves the Way

The wiser decision would be to contact New York’s premier luxury real estate residential firm, TOWN Residential. TOWN is a unique, prestigious group of realtors that CEO and co-chairman Andrew Heiberger and co-chair Joseph Sitt. began in 2010, Together, they created a firm that has risen to the top of the residential service. In just five years, each realtor in this group has made New York luxury spaces Your Neighbor in My Town, and they raised the standard of excellence for real estate in this city.

The Town Residential team is a team of professionals that work with style and integrity. Each member, whether they are in marketing, sales, leasing or are one of the executives in the corporate structure brings a unique element to the company, which works together to set TOWN apart from the rest.

TOWN Residential has 10 spectacular office buildings that are conveniently located in different and dynamic areas of the city. These buildings are skyscrapers that are part of the New York skyline. At the bottom of each tower is an a comfortable meeting area where executives can network and share ideas.

The TOWN Residential Group are experts in their field and are noted in New York as strategic promoters of a luxury lifestyle that is an exception to the rule. Having some green in your New York apartment may not be as difficult to find if you start at one of TOWN Residential.