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Goettl acquires Giant AC Company Moore in its Expansion Program in Las Vegas

Goettl acquired Moore Air Conditioning, an established company with over fifty years in the air conditioning business. This is a significant boost for the giant company that has been operating since 1939. “The acquisition will enhance Goettl’s dedication to providing customers with expert technicians in the industry,” remarks Goettl Air Conditioning CEO Ken Goodrich. “Moore Air Conditioning has highly experienced specialists who will aid in Goettl’s continuous growth and provide top AC services to Las Vegas residents.”


Goettl desires to be the preferred choice in providing residential air conditioning repairs in Las Vegas. The overall expansion goal is to increase 100 additional employees and grow the company by 50% over the next twelve months.


Skilled Technicians from the Southern Nevada air condition College program will be given priority. Ken Goodrich created a donor fund towards the institution’s professionals program dubbed the J. Duncan Goodrich AC Technicians Program, in his father’s tribute. Ken also supports the Ken Goodrich 9/11 (VEP) Veteran Employment Program to assist in creating job prospects for ex-military personnel.


Bill Moore, President of Moore Air Conditioning, said that he looked forward to working together with Goettl. Moore was confident that they would both continue the heritage of servicing residential air conditioning equipment that Moore Air Conditioning has built over the years. He also reiterated about the mutual respect they share with Goettl. Moore was pleased with the merger. He hoped that it would greatly enhance the air conditioning services as well as expand further into the Las Vegas Valley.


About Goettl


Adam and Gust Goettl created Goettl Air Conditioning in 1939. They moved to Las Vegas Valley in 1968. Due to the economic recession ten years ago, in 2007, Goettl left Nevada. Kenneth Goodrich obtained the franchise in Arizona in 2013. In April 2016, Goodrich relocated to Las Vegas and continued building the company through air conditioning services to the residents.


Ken Goodrich’s love for air conditioning services began when he was 10 years old. Ken helped his father during his night AC service calls. Young Ken held up a flashlight for his father whenever he was working nights. The two formed a great bond during these night calls. His father once told him “When someone needs your help, respond immediately, not when it suits you.” “Do the right thing always.”


Goettl Air Conditioning Services provides premier quality heating and AC equipment. The company offers a variety of replacement and repair services. Goettl Air Conditioning has offices in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson, and South California regions.