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Doug Levitt’s Vision of America Comes Through His ‘Diaries’

The appeal of taking off onto the open road with no sense of direction or general purpose other than to live and embrace what is thrown your way has long captured the public attention. Stories of the brave souls who were strong enough to venture west during those fundemental years of our countries infancy have long been told with wistful enthusiasm for a spirit of adventure that is almost inherent in the feeling of being American.

More recently, troves of young people took to the open road during the middle of the last century in an attempt to capture visions of the lives they themselves wanted leaving behind the old views of the world built by previous generations.

Even as beatniks and magic bus tours faded from the mainstream culture, the attraction to what the open road held never dimmed.

Doug Levitt Finds Home and Healing in Our Country

That longing for the truth about our country and in no small part ourselves finds a new home in the works of poet, musician, writer, and former news correspondent Doug Levitt. Told through a series of different mediums, each carrying a unique portion of his personal journey crossing the country in greyhound buses. Found throughout each iteration of his personal journey stories of communities the world forgot, people some wish they could forget, and the personal revelations one can only find by searching an equally vast expanse as America.

Spurned by his own personal sufferings, having been dealt a tragic blow with the untimely death of his father, the connection Levitt forges with others like on their very own journey to a better tomorrow becomes more inclusive as his audience finds themselves in his works as well. Doug Levitt on Twitter.

The Greyhound Diaries and Doug Levitt’s Own Journey

The incredible stories told throughout the Greyhound Diaries paints a very real picture of what has become of a country that has become so divided over the last decade. Which in our current environment is needed direly.

If you would like to learn about Doug Levitt’s Greyhound Diaries, please click here.