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Samuel Strauch Finds Affordable Suburbs

The prime location for many people includes being close to a large shopping area with many activities and being far enough away from that same area to enjoy the quiet time in your own yard. You want to feel safe in your neighborhood and also not have to plan a whole day just to go visit the city.

Samuel Strauch found the perfect suburbs that are safe and near the city life so you get the best of both worlds. He has been successful in real estate in the Miami Florida area for 14 years. Samuel Strauch is also an active investor in businesses online as well as restaurants.

With his research, he found that many large cities have close suburbs that are more affordable. If Denver, Colorado is on your list of places to live, Samuel Strauch recommends you look into Northeast Denver, where the price is much cheaper. They still have good food, activities, and is close to the Greater Denver area.

Wylie, Texas is only a few miles from Dallas, but Samuel Strauch says the price is much more affordable. This area is growing and is looking to add a community college in just a few years.

Dublin, California is near San Francisco but provides better air quality, schools, and cost of living. It’s located close enough to still go enjoy the large city attractions, but Strauch says it’s about 22% cheaper for home buyers. Click here to know more.

33 miles away from Nashville, Tennessee is Williamsburg. Strauch says this area has many attractions at a good price. The median cost of a home in this area is $295,000. Visit his Tumblr.

These suburbs are hidden gems for people who would like to be close to the big city but be comfortable at home and not brake the bank.