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Real Estate Companies in Brazil Have Vitally Important Information People Need

When considering where to invest in real estate, many people find that it makes sense for them consider investing in Brazilian markets. An investment in Brazilian real estate can provide many varied benefits. Such benefits include the opportunity to expand your portfolio as well as the chance to invest in a place where you can live if need be. Many people that it is is a good idea for them to invest in both commercial and residential real estate. Both forms of real estate are likely to yield impressive results if the real estate investor is careful and pays close attention to important details.

An investment in real estate in Brazil can really be an important part of such a fiscal strategy. Those who are able to invest in this part of the world have found that it is best to have people on their side such as those at Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos who really know the market here well. The market here is one that can be confusing for those who may not have been to this part of the world or those who may have some experience here but not know exactly how best to start any plans they have.

Company officials have been involved in many kinds of real estate investments. Their services include construction of building projects, brokerage in rental properties and all kinds of other real estate services. This has allowed those who need to work with someone who knows the market well to be able to accomplish many of their goals in this part of the world. The contact between the clients and the company is one that is beneficial to both of them as the company looks for the best possible way to meet their needs. In doing so, they have earned a great deal of loyalty from those who work with them and rely on them for help in this part of the world, and their listings have continued to grow.

Many other companies have also provided such help and allowed clients to really be able to create an investment portfolio that is best for all concerned. Real estate companies here have done much to help assist clients figure out which kinds of investments here can help them expand their portfolio while also being able to minimize their losses at the same time. The result has been that many people are pleased to find out just how much they accomplish when choosing to invest in Brazilian real estate markets. The market here is expected to continue to expand as more and more people are drawn to this nation in search of the ability to locate many kinds of potential opportunities that lay all across the entire nation of Brazil.  Now that Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos has advanced their development into the West Zone, there will be no stopping them.  Follow them on Twitter for future updates.

Brazil’s Eucatex Continues To Thrive Worldwide

Eucatex is a fascinating company that’s rich history began decades ago in 1951. Originally operating as a panel’s factory, Eucatex was mainly focused towards the production and distribution of linings and insulating from eucalyptus wood fibers. It was the first Brazilian company to use raw eucalyptus for its environmental and acoustic comfort to produce its goods. The business evolved at a tremendous pace to where it is today, meeting the needs of a vast array of customers all over the world.

The company now provides materials and products to furniture manufacturers, packaging, cats, toys, and supplies large industrial construction. It operates in many sectors of the construction and furniture industry. Today Eucatex is made up of four factories: one manufactures plates, paints and varnishes in Salto, the second and third is geared towards panels and flooring in Botucatu and finally a forestry unit.

Eucatex has a parent company, The Maluf family, which is chaired by Flavio Maluf. Mr Maluf is a graduate of FAAP where he received a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and is also a vastly experienced entrepreneur and mechanical engineer. He is considered to be the president of not only Eucatex companies but also GrandFood group. Flavio Maluf has held the position of Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex since April of 2005.

Eucatex is a very sustainable company as it is guaranteed for 44 hectares of forest in the state of Sao Paulo. Eucatex is held in very high standard because of its environmental practices and standards. It has been awarded international certifications, which ensure the company adheres to stringent environmental, social and economic standards. Eucatex was also oversaw the implementation of the first wood recycling line on such a large scale in South America.

With its growth, Eucatex has invested heavily in more advanced production techniques and products. The furniture segments of the company have began producing doors and panels of high technology and mechanical resistance. Eucatex’s growth and popularity has boomed since its humble beginnings. 2011 marked the companies 60th year in business and a chance to look back on the achievements throughout the past and to the present. Eucatex is now a market leader in its division and employs 2,201 employees; it exports its products to 37 countries worldwide.