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Online Reputations Now Play Major Part In Business Success

Social media has become one of the biggest ways to share information about yourself as well as highly viral news stories, reviews, and product recommendations. This massive online movement has given people the ability to target certain businesses on their own webpage, and one bad review can push potential customers the opposite direction. World Economic Forum study stated that on average 25% of a company’s value is directly related to reputation. Despite this information another study by Deloitte and Forbes confirmed that many companies aren’t ready to handle crises that are out of their reach, and a single online comment could ruin the company’s face value.

Handling a company’s reputation online takes strategic planning and knowledge of how the internet works, and many people aren’t equipped to deal with the fall out. In times like those many have begun turning to Status Labs, and online reputation management firm that has carved a name for itself in public relations. Based out of Austin Status Labs now serves over 1,600 clients spanning over 35 countries. Their clientele is a myriad of professionals in every type of field including big Fortune 500 Companies. They do offer their services to individuals as well, and their most recent endeavor included handling clients involved in the Ashley Madison scandal last year.

Darius Fisher, president and co-founder, understands the importance of public relations and uses the tools provided to everyone on the internet to help his clients. His team of experts cleanse Google search pages by burying old negative information underneath updated and positive blog posts, articles, and reviews. Fisher’s team helps navigate their clients through the process of scrubbing their reputation clean which includes taking down pictures and articles that reflect negatively. For those who don’t have an online presence they offer guidance and lay out proper online etiquette that should help keep them out of trouble. Online presence has become a major factor in how businesses continue their success and popularity. Most don’t realize they’re one bad move away from tanking their reputation, but if that ever happens Status Labs is ready to help.