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Man Sails Around The World Without Stopping

A South Korean man named Kim Seung-jin is about to become the 6th person in the whole world to sail around the globe all by himself. The 53 year old captain left his town of Oemok on October 14, 2014 and will be arriving back on Saturday May 16. It is going to be a special homecoming, as he has been gone now for seven months and somehow managed to get by alive.

According to Brian Torchin and an article found on reddit and written by Korea Times Us, Seung-jin decided to go on this journey in memory of the tragic event last year when a ferry capsized and killed over 300 people. The fact that this sailor went on a non-stop and non-assisted adventure means that he has never once stopped on land or gotten help from anyone including being given food and water. It is amazing that he was able to accomplish this, and can anyone even imagine what it feels like to be on an ocean for more than half a year straight? I bet it will take him some time to get used to being on a surface that isn’t constantly moving and it will be a good night’s sleep when he finally gets back. This man is also a documentary maker, so hopefully he will be releasing a story about his tale that is yet to be made. Or, have a book written about it.