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Instagram closes man’s account and gives it to celebrity

Andrés Iniesta, a man from Madrid, Spain, one day logged into Instagram only to find that his account was shut down. The reason cited for this was that he had somehow “infringed on Terms of Use”.

Andrés was certain he had done nothing wrong, yet he still carefully read over Instagram’s Terms of Use. He used Instagram just as anyone else did, sharing photos from his daily life checking profiles of people like Doe Deere and many more. Apparently, using Instagram for its intended purpose was a violation of the Terms of Use – in this case.

Dumbfounded, Andrés proceeded to contact Instagram through their official Twitter, their official tech support Twitter, and even filled out a form on their Facebook to contact them. There was no response.

Meanwhile, Andrés’s friends notified him that his account was taken by another man named Andrés – Andrés Iniesta, a professional footballer for Spain’s national team. As it turns out, Instagram handed over the account over to the footballer. It was likely his PR or management who demanded the account, rather than the man himself, yet there was no doubt Instagram was involved.

Five hours after Andrés Iniesta reported this incidence online, Instagram fixed it, yet has not given him any response. If this is how Instagram treats its users, what does this mean?