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New Hampshire Insurance Company is facing litigation filed by former Hawks ownership

New Hampshire Insurance Company is facing lawsuit proceedings filed by the former ownership group of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC (AHBE). At the moment, AHBE franchise is being managed by the chief owner Tony Ressler and the current ownership is not involved in the filed lawsuit at all.

According to the former proprietorship group of AHBE, the franchise was insured by New Hampshire Insurance Company under a coverage policy for specific losses vis-à-vis employment practices, including particular acts of ‘unlawful termination’ and ‘workplace torts.’ Based on the court paperwork, AHBE notified the insurance company of the claims asserted by Daniel Ferry, the former general manager which it understood was covered.

However, the insurance company has failed to admit that a claim was made and that the claims also activated the coverage policy. The lawsuit further alleges that the insurance company has persistently failed to either deny the asserted claims or admit coverage. This is because it lacks any basis whatsoever to argue that a claim hasn’t been made and that the said claim wasn’t covered. Consequently, the lawsuit alleges the violation of the contract by the insurance company for its failure to settle AHBE’s losses without any justification. Moreover, the lawsuit also seeks an additional 50 % fine of the unsettled loss as well as legal fees and costs.

Bruce Levenson attended Washington University and American University for his college education. In 2004, he and Ed Peskowitz bought Atlanta Hawks LLC, which was previously owned by Turner Broadcasting. Levenson acted as the controlling partner in the NBA franchise. In 2012, UCG Founder Bruce Levenson appointed Danny Ferry to serve as the Hawks general manager.

In 2014, Bruce and his wife led the Hawks basketball team and personnel to the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. Given that, Levenson’s mother-in-law was a Holocaust survivor; the trip had great significance to the family. In 2014 as reported by, Levenson sold his ownership shares in AHBE.