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The Wessex Institute of Technology’s Journals Focus on Current Topics in the Fields of Science and Technology

The Wessex Institute of Technology provides a wide range of educational services to people all over the world. In addition to the programs offered at their campus, the Wessex Institute also organizes a number of conferences that help inform and educate people about environmental concerns as well as advancements in technology. Wessex Institute also offers a number of publications through WIT Press. The Wessex Journals are designed to go hand-in-hand with the topics discussed at the forthcoming conferences. Seven new issues of their international journals are scheduled to be published for the current year of 2017.

The first journal issued for 2017 deals with sustainable development and planning. This issue is actually the twelfth volume in the series. Some of the topics covered in the current issue include spatial planning, environmental design and environmental management. All of the topics are presented in a way that aids environmental sustainability. Another topic scheduled for the current year’s journals focuses on design and ecodynamics, which showcases the relationship between nature, science and the humanities. Journals that have not yet been scheduled for printing include the all new Journal of Transport Development and Integration and the Journal of Heritage Architecture, both of which still have open calls for papers.

Getting Better Reputation on the Internet

When you own a company, you may focus solely on the local aspects of everything needing to be done. If you forget about the online aspects, you are truly losing a lot of customers. This is especially true if you are also receiving negative feedback through the Internet without knowing it or without knowing how to handle it. You will find that a good deal of your customers will be looking for you first online before doing anything else. This is why a management firm is one of the best options for you long-term.

A reputation management company is a great idea because it allows professionals to handle the negative issues plaguing your online site. One such company is known as Better Reputation and they are specifically there to assist in any online-related manner that you happen to have. There is nothing worse than dealing with horrible online reputation issues, so a company like Better Reputation is a great option and can transform and change things for you for the better. This is why a lot of people have been making good use of Better Reputation for their own needs.

Once you choose to begin using Better Reputation, you are doing something that is going to benefit every single aspect of your site and company. There are too many people who are struggling to keep themselves afloat and are dealing with negative reviews that are making it difficult to handle issues on their own. When you hire a company like Better Reputation, this is a wonderful option and can transform the whole issue for you from bad to better. You also do not need to do this work on your own because a company like Better Reputation is there to take the issues away for you and have it handled in their own manner without you needing to worry about a thing. Be sure to contact Better Reputation if you feel they are going to be able to help you and get you the assistance online that you are going to need to further change the way that you do things online.

Handy’s Ascent to International Success

Handy is an app that links home cleaning professionals with homeowners safely and securely. The free-to-download app, available from all app stores, has no strings for use and no money to be paid unless a cleaning job is booked and completed. Homeowners are able to choose from any available, locally-based home cleaner to perform desired services. Homeowners can message cleaners and agree upon services and price before locking the appointment in.

Handy has experienced success largely because of its closely monitored application system. Only experienced, qualified, and trouble-free hires make it to the listings, and even then they aren’t guaranteed a permanent spot. Some cleaners end up on the listings but break codes of conduct outside of work and must be laid off from Handy. At Handy, safety and orderliness are both equally paramount.

Handy is currently located in more than 25 areas spread across Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Handy plans to expand its horizons in 2016 after receiving a large amount of funding from various financiers.

More than one million cleaning jobs have been booked and carried out in the three years Handy has been available for download. No other application is responsible for facilitating as many cleaning jobs performed, even Craigslist. Handy is expected to continue to grow over the next five-year period and draw more customers and cleaners to its ranks.

Not only home cleaners list on Handy, as many construction workers look for jobs to complete for homeowners. Since Handy is free to use and its moderators allow other jobs to be advertised on the application, those available to take advantage of the application’s essentially free advertising usually jump on any chance they have. Managers estimate that more than 10% of listings are comprised of those offering handymen or remodeling services.

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Get The Apps That Get You What You Want

Slyce is truly a world leader when it comes to image recognition technology. There may be some individuals that may not know what product recognition technology is, but in reality a person does well to investigate more, because it is a new technology that can truly enhance their lives. Image recognition technology is a technology that an individual can easily take advantage of by using their personal mobile applications. Although that a person has to do is download a mobile application and they are ready to go. The mobile application uses the camera on their device and it allows them to snap pictures of different items that they maybe interested in. If a person wanted to buy a certain purse, a certain suit, a certain pair of shoes, or any other item, they are all at their fingertips by using these mobile devices.

The great thing about Slyce is that it is a company that caught the world’s attention and it still has many people enthralled. Slyce is a company that was originally started in Toronto Canada and they debuted their product at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2013. Many individuals realized the quality of the product that they had before them, and by the beginning of 2014 Slyce had already been able to generate over $10 million when it came to funding. Slyce went on to acquire different mobile development companies, and they were able to continue to grow and become enhanced to arrive at the company that they are known as today.

Slyce is a company that is able to offer visual technology on many platforms. They are able to work with large retailers in order to use their brands on their mobile applications. In that way their users can be taken directly to these big-name websites and and these big name brands when they are trying to make there on-the-spot purchases. Slyce was the original creators of the snap-to-buy product recognition platform. This is a platform in which a person just taps their finger, takes a picture, and they can have their item at their fingertips. Slyce has been around for over two years now and they are a company that has really dazzled millions. Their advanced technology has made life easier for many people, and it is worth the time to investigate their applications, because they truly are life enhancing.