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Dorchester Hotels: A Divine Hotel Experience

In 1987, the Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah, purchased the Dorchester Hotel and the Beverly Hills Hotel and shifted ownership to the Brunei Investment Agency in 1991. The Audley Group that is owned by the BIA, was created in 1996 to manage the hotels by one company. At some point in the future,Audley was renamed and their name became the Dorchester Group Limited.They were created in 2006 to manage a lot of hotels in America and Europe. They currently manage ten luxury hotels and the hotels are a combination of totally owned and partly-owned hotels as the Dorchester secures them and manages them on behalf of third party owners. Since their creation in 2006, they have come a long way. Dorchester uses their experience that none of their competitors can match by owning and managing part of the world’s wonderful individual hotels, their vision is to turn into the ultimate hotel management company, with a desire for excellence and being up-to-date, while honoring the originality and the legacy of their hotels. The Dorchester name is very popular with a worldwide reputation that give their customers the best and most sought-after experience of living large, charisma, luxury, and service. Each hotel has their own-of-a-kind style supplemented by present-day fashion and modern facilities. Their historic buildings in wonderful places each hotel epitomizes the culture of its city.The Dorchester has ten luxury hotels worldwide, from London to Las Angeles.

In London, there are two Dorchester hotels. Their amenities include spas, afternoon teas, great food, extravagant rooms,and wonderful restaurants. If you travel to Ascot, you can have relaxation and romance, spacious rooms and suites, fine foods,and sports like croquet, horseback riding, and polo lessons, and relax and eat at the spa. The Dorchester has a lot to offer you in Paris, France also from grand rooms with wonderful art pieces, a restaurant, gorgeous dining rooms, bars, spas, event rooms, a ballroom in two different hotels. While you are in Geneva, visit the distinguished and elegant Dorchester that has housed a lot of celebrities whose focus is on comfort. They also provide all the business and entertainment services you will ever need. Milan offers traditional luxury and the most modern technology,a presidential suite with its own pool, a beauty and fitness center, Italian garden and restaurant, a roof terrace to view the city, afternoon tea at a restaurant, and a bar. In Rome, they have an excellent Presidential Suite with great views of the city, a spacious terrace, sun loungers, and an outside eating area. They also have a rooftop restaurant with wine, great food, cocktails, and piano music. They also have hotels here in America.

If you are in California, the Dorchester has places for you to stay there too. In Beverly Hills, Hollywood celebrities have taken advantage of the never ending luxury of this glamorous location that feels like a resort and has great service. It has a big and beautiful garden, a variety of rooms to meet your tastes, a pool with cabanas, free ice cream and Mojitos by the pool, a spa, restaurant, and a bar. In Bel-Air, you are offered grand residential living with fireplaces and big garden patios. For those that truly want to live it up, the Presidential Suite has its own pool. A restaurant that serves food with local ingredients served in a smart dining room or on a beautiful garden terrace. They also have a spa with facials and body treatments.

Worldwide, the Dorchester has so much to offer their guests, excellent rooms, wonderful food, relaxing spas, bars to unwind in, beautiful outdoor areas, sports activities, and pools. From London to Las Angeles, they are prepared and ready to lavish you with all the luxury you will ever need today and in the future.

Travel Anywhere, Anytime with Skout’s New App

A little over a year ago, Skout launched the Skout Travel app. The app is geared towards the tech savvy and social media connected Millennial. Yesterday, the news release was reported at PR Newswire. According to Skout’s CEO, Christian Wiklund, the app is to not only help exclusively for the traveler but also to help people connect in different cities and countries. And apparently, the app has been eagerly accepted. In the last 15 months, the app has been used more than 10 million times.

The app has helped millions of people fulfill their desire for travel and adventure. A recent study found women are the more likely to virtually travel. Within the United States, people tend to gravitate to the coastal cities. Internationally, the number one destination is Hong Kong. Skout Travel allows the traveler at heart to choose a destination, anywhere in the world, and they can instantly be connected. Without leaving the comfort of your home, you can get to know new people in new cities. Your friends can now be your virtual tour guides to their native land. Or you can start planning the real trip, with the new friends you have found through Skout Travel.

This opens so many possibilities. The tech savvy individual can make connections in areas of the world they have always dreamed out. It has become a social network with a travel twist. Because of the great success of the app, Scout wants to celebrate. Normally they charge per trip. But through Jan 17,2015, they will be dropping their 25 cent travel fee. This gives the travel skeptic the ability to test the app. They can fulfill their travel dreams and see if the app is worth the hype.