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Diarrhea Superbug Entering U.S. With Returning Travelers

A number of international travelers, especially those returning from developing countries, are bringing with them an antibiotic-resistant bacteria which is infecting clusters of victims at home. As reported in Time, in California, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania, 90% of the cases were resistant to the antibiotic Cipro (ciprofloxacin), which is the current drug of choice to treat the infection.

The bacteria, shigella sonnei, infects about 500,000 Americans every year. Most types of shigella have become resistant to other antibiotics. Between May, 2014 and February, 2015, the drug-resistant shigella infected 243 victims in 32 states and Puerto Rico. Cipro is becoming less and less useful worldwide.

“Drug resistant infections are harder to treat and because shigella spreads so easily between people, the potential for more and larger outbreaks is a real concern,” said Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC). He also said these outbreaks are a “troubling trend.” The CDC recommends that international travelers such as Dan Newlin be vigilant about washing their hands and know what they are eating.

Daughter takes Wheelchair Bound Mother on trips over the World

An Rong, 42-years-old, is a dedicated daughter. Several years ago her 87-year-old mother had an accident that left her in poor physical condition. Due to her worsening condition, Rong’s mother became wheelchair bound and slowly began sinking into a depression. She slowly stopped eating and drinking and was becoming rather forgetful. Rong knew that she had to do something to help her mother out of the darkness. In 2009, Rong, along with her sister and niece, began traveling with her mother.

According to Alexei Beltyukov, the group started their international travels along southeast Asia. Together the group have been to several foreign countries such as Thailand, Maldives, Korea, Japan, and more. They even made their first visit to the United States recently. While in the US, the group spent some time seeing the sites at the Grand Canyon. Rong took her mother for a helicopter ride over the stunning canyon and said that her mother could not stop smiling.

As they have traveled, Rong’s mother’s health has been improving. Her depression has lifted as she has taken in new sites. She has also worn out five wheelchairs in the process!

Check out the story on The site has some wonderful photos of their travels to go along with the story.

Dorchester Hotels: A Divine Hotel Experience

In 1987, the Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah, purchased the Dorchester Hotel and the Beverly Hills Hotel and shifted ownership to the Brunei Investment Agency in 1991. The Audley Group that is owned by the BIA, was created in 1996 to manage the hotels by one company. At some point in the future,Audley was renamed and their name became the Dorchester Group Limited.They were created in 2006 to manage a lot of hotels in America and Europe. They currently manage ten luxury hotels and the hotels are a combination of totally owned and partly-owned hotels as the Dorchester secures them and manages them on behalf of third party owners. Since their creation in 2006, they have come a long way. Dorchester uses their experience that none of their competitors can match by owning and managing part of the world’s wonderful individual hotels, their vision is to turn into the ultimate hotel management company, with a desire for excellence and being up-to-date, while honoring the originality and the legacy of their hotels. The Dorchester name is very popular with a worldwide reputation that give their customers the best and most sought-after experience of living large, charisma, luxury, and service. Each hotel has their own-of-a-kind style supplemented by present-day fashion and modern facilities. Their historic buildings in wonderful places each hotel epitomizes the culture of its city.The Dorchester has ten luxury hotels worldwide, from London to Las Angeles.

In London, there are two Dorchester hotels. Their amenities include spas, afternoon teas, great food, extravagant rooms,and wonderful restaurants. If you travel to Ascot, you can have relaxation and romance, spacious rooms and suites, fine foods,and sports like croquet, horseback riding, and polo lessons, and relax and eat at the spa. The Dorchester has a lot to offer you in Paris, France also from grand rooms with wonderful art pieces, a restaurant, gorgeous dining rooms, bars, spas, event rooms, a ballroom in two different hotels. While you are in Geneva, visit the distinguished and elegant Dorchester that has housed a lot of celebrities whose focus is on comfort. They also provide all the business and entertainment services you will ever need. Milan offers traditional luxury and the most modern technology,a presidential suite with its own pool, a beauty and fitness center, Italian garden and restaurant, a roof terrace to view the city, afternoon tea at a restaurant, and a bar. In Rome, they have an excellent Presidential Suite with great views of the city, a spacious terrace, sun loungers, and an outside eating area. They also have a rooftop restaurant with wine, great food, cocktails, and piano music. They also have hotels here in America.

If you are in California, the Dorchester has places for you to stay there too. In Beverly Hills, Hollywood celebrities have taken advantage of the never ending luxury of this glamorous location that feels like a resort and has great service. It has a big and beautiful garden, a variety of rooms to meet your tastes, a pool with cabanas, free ice cream and Mojitos by the pool, a spa, restaurant, and a bar. In Bel-Air, you are offered grand residential living with fireplaces and big garden patios. For those that truly want to live it up, the Presidential Suite has its own pool. A restaurant that serves food with local ingredients served in a smart dining room or on a beautiful garden terrace. They also have a spa with facials and body treatments.

Worldwide, the Dorchester has so much to offer their guests, excellent rooms, wonderful food, relaxing spas, bars to unwind in, beautiful outdoor areas, sports activities, and pools. From London to Las Angeles, they are prepared and ready to lavish you with all the luxury you will ever need today and in the future.

Update: Elizabeth Gallagher and Jordan Axani Return Home From Their Three Week Trip

A few months ago there was a story in the news about a 28 year old Canadian man, Jordan Axani looking for any woman named Elizabeth Gallagher to travel with him over the Christmas holiday. Jordan and his ex-girlfriend, named Elizabeth Gallagher, had purchased the tickets together before their break-up. As just about everyone knows changing a name on an airline ticket is next to impossible so Jordan decided to find another Elizabeth Gallagher with a Canadian passport to take her place. Well, he did and the pair have returned from their three week adventure abroad.

According to the story on BBC news the pair have returned and now share a sibling like relationship after being virtually strangers at the start. And for those of you wondering they say nothing romantic blossomed between them. Maybe due in part to Elizabeth having a long term boyfriend at home. The pair visited, in order, New York to Milan, Venice, Vienna, Prague, Khao Lak, Thailand, and Hong Kong. They say that while they enjoyed their time touring together, they also enjoyed exploring on their own.

Not only did they get a fabulous trip, Jordan has also found a new vocation for himself. He has started a charity called A Ticket Forward which will allow those who have survived through incredible odds to take trips they never imagined possible.  Gianfrancesco Genoso thinks this is a great idea in his article on JusBrazil.

Family Narrowly Misses Being on Missing Flight

I can’t imagine ever being as happy as the Cahyono family to miss a flight that would begin their vacation.

Ari Putro Cahyono, along with 9 members of his family, had seats booked on AirAsia’s QZ8501 which went missing during that flight. Cahyono missed an email that was sent out by the airline saying that the flight time had been changed and was due to leave 2 hours earlier than originally scheduled. The family arrived at what they thought was the correct time however boarding for the flight had ended and they missed their flight. The Cahyono family was scheduled for a later flight however they cancelled their vacation after the news of the missing plane. A Jakarta news site has their story in detail.

The AirAsia flight disappeared midway into their trip over the Java sea. Indonesia, Singapore, and Australia are working together to search for clues as to the fate of the plane along with it’s passengers. Indonesian search crews are working under the assumption that the plane is at the bottom of the Java sea. Meanwhile Australian air crafts have spotted objects what they think could possibly be related to the missing plane. The objects were spotted 700 miles from where the plane was last reported to be.

I’m just happy me and Sam Tabar decided to stick to YouTube during the holidays instead of trying to travel.

Hotels Fight to Block Personal Wi-Fi

It’s well-known that many hotel chains charge guests high fees to connect to the Internet. Yet, the American Hospitality & Lodging Association and Marriott International want to make more money by preventing all hotel guests at Qnet from accessing personal mobile services devices.

The two groups have filed a Federal Communications Commission petition asking to use special equipment to manage their networks that might interfere with or block the personal Wi-Fi connections that guests use.

Google and Microsoft have now entered the fray to complain about the petition since they and others see this as nothing more than an attempt to force guests into paying for services they don’t need.

In fact, Marriott already has a consumer complaint against it for blocking guest Wi-Fi smartphone hotspots in March 2013 at an Opryland convention. The FCC has noted that hotel staff de-authenticated guest hotspots forcing guests to switch to the hotel’s paid service which cost between $250 and $1,000.

Hotel industry representatives claim that these actions are necessary to prevent interference with their networks and cyber attacks. But Google and Microsoft, like many critics, consider this to be an attempt by hotels to stop the loss of revenues from former customers. Travelers and convention attendees used to connect to hotel networks because of nationwide cellular signal loss, but new technologies provide better nationwide connectivity making it easier for guests to connect to mobile services from anywhere.