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Agora Financial is About Achieving Investment Goals

How can busy professionals, small-business owners, and entrepreneurs invest like a top strategist in a hedge fund? Utilizing world-class research would be a step in the right direction and that’s where Agora Financial enters the picture. They offer a wealth of publications and other product forms that can help Main Street investors outperform the markets.
Agora Financial has a history of successfully predicting market bubbles. This leads to dramatic turns in the market that catch most investors flat-footed. They are also specialists when it comes to analyzing market trends and is able to determine the best investing opportunities to take advantage of them. They give customers the chance to successfully control their own money apart from expensive finance managers.
The financial news media are working overtime producing stories on various market events. The average investor finds it difficult to keep pace with their ongoing busy lives. Agora Financial can cut through the market noise and provide solid information to help investors prepare for retirement and other financial needs. Protecting and growing wealth is their primary aim and they have helped customers for over a decade.
Their products include newsletters, books, and online seminars to name a few. Over one million readers have used their products to manage their money and protect wealth. One example is their report detailing companies on the cusp of rapid growth and this gives investors time to get in early before these companies are household names. Their wealth protection strategies are ideal for volatile market meltdowns that destroy accounts and change retirement plans.
Agora Financial is committed to unbiased, independent research that gives customers great peace of mind. They also travel the world to see firsthand the proposed investment opportunities and budget significant resources for this purpose. They are staffed with high-level experts who have come from the upper echelons of their respective fields.
Customers have the satisfaction of successfully managing their own money with Agora in their corner. They can not only be ready to retire when the time comes they can be ready for other milestones as well. Marriage, college, and vacations can all be successfully done with Agora Financial’s help.

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The Start of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi and his career as a musician was something anyone would dream of. He began a teenager and was part of the band known as Viper. Not only that, but he was a great drummer. A native Brazilian man with a love for music. His creativity has not only boosted his own career, but it started something much greater than himself. This man of such skill and talent has truly left his mark on Brazil and the world of heavy metal. Though many know of him more on a business scale, the start of his drumming career is unprecedented. Cassio Audi is one of the first to introduce heavy metal rock to the world all through his drum set. As time goes on, no one can think of heavy metal rock without learning of Cassio Audi. Viper had just released their first album, “Soldiers of Sunrise”. Their sound had swept through the city streets inspiring many people that are now deeply intrigued with heavy metal. Cassio Audi was the bass in the background of every jam. He was the beat, and you could hear and feel it through every song. As time went on, the group presented themselves and showcased their band at many shows and festivals. Later, Cassio and the others had ventured off to fulfill other dreams not yet accomplished. It wasn’t just music for them, which goes to show anyone can truly be anything and that just because you have a talent, it doesn’t mean you put the rest of your dreams on hold. It means after you’ve succeeded, keep going on and continue to succeed. Cassio Audi has proved this as clear as day. Fulfilling all he wanted in his music career and instead of stopping there, he proceeded to other interests of his own. Places where he knows he can help. Where he continues to move people. Those who are constantly looking for motivation and inspiration. That’s where you will find Cassio Audi today.

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Why People Love Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette is an Australian lingerie retail company that caters to a niche in the adult industry market. Founded by two friends, Honey Birdette is a luxury lingerie brand that injects sensuality back into the bedroom. Luxury and beautifully detailed craftsmanship is the brand’s foundation.

Honey Birdette became more popular than Janelle Barboza and Eloise Monaghan ever thought it could. After BB Capital invested in their company, the brand became even more popular. Honey Birdette began setting itself even further apart from the competition. Customers love visiting their retail stores almost as much as they love the products they buy.
The main reason people love coming to Honey Birdette boutiques is Honeys. Honeys are the sales staff that runs the store. Honeys are renowned for their playful and flirty sales style. They’re there to empower women and encourage them to unleash their wide side.
They also represent the exaggerated playfulness that other lingerie brands lack. That playfulness is a mixture of entertainment and education. People love interacting with Honeys because Honeys love what they do. They act as guides for anyone who’s not afraid of little naughtiness. Honeys are also not afraid of a little razzle-dazzle.
Honey Birdette is quickly becoming an international household name. The company’s already begun opening boutique in the United Kingdom. Their plan is to open 40 more stores in places like Liverpool and Newcastle by the end of next year. They also plan on expanding into the rest of Europe in the following years.
For now, the United States is their next target after the U.K. Sales in the U.S. skyrocketed last year; increasing by 374 percent. In response to the gross growth, Honey Birdette created a U.S. e-commerce site that provides a better customer experience.

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NuoDB: Solving Data Conflicts With Cloud Applications

Founded in 2008, the firm NuoDB operates out of Cambridge, Massachusetts by co-founders Barry S. Morris and Jim Starkey.  Since 2011, the NuoDB was patented and approved as an elastic SQL database for cloud applications.  The “NewSQL” operates by dividing software data into objects known as “atoms.”  The SQL database is able to support cloud elasticity while still being able to store and maintain data elements.

NuoDB can support multi-version concurrency control that can detect deadlocks and find data conflicts easily.  Using peer-to-peer communication format, the NuoDB provides faster database service when a new server is added.  By 2012, NuoDB increased venture capital to $12 million.  The success of NuoDB has led to multiple awards including being listed by Gartner as its Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems.  Barry S. Morris and Jim Starkey in 2014 announced the expansion to the NuoDB Series B funding round.  A total of $14.2 million was added to company funding.



Bruce Bent II works with a top financial technology firm. He provides the industry’s most innovative cash management and cash-related solutions to the broker-dealer, bank, qualified plan, and retail markets. Mr. Bent is Vice Chairman and President of Double Rock Corporation. He is also senior executive to each of the company’s wholly owned subsidiary companies and affiliates, including Access Control Advantage, Inc., Landing Rock Group LLC, Island Intellectual Property LLC, and LIDs Capital LLC.

Bruce is a veteran in the cash management and retirement services businesses. The catalyst for some of the most influential and relevant products and technologies in the financial services industry is his entrepreneurial drive and vision. His innovative processes are the foundation for each of the companies he works for and are recognized as the standard in their respective sectors.

Bruce Bent entire career has been with Island Intellectual Property LLC. His contribution to the company has changed the cash management landscape into a multi-trillion dollar industry today. Mr. Bent currently shares responsibility for defining the strategic direction for each of the companies.

Mr. Bent has several credits to his name. He is a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization. He previously worked as the finance chairman of Young Presidents’ Organization’s Gotham chapter in Manhattan. He was a member of Entrepreneur’s Organization in New York and has also been an employee of the President’s Advisory Council of Scenic Hudson. Mr. Bent featured in the book Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful CEOs.

With more than two decades in the financial services sector, he has remarkable experience and contacts in banking and financial services. He works as a consultant, advisor and occasional investor industries like digital currency, financial technology, healthcare and consumer financing.

Mr. Bent has a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy which she earned from North-eastern University. He like the book How to Be Rich authored by Jean Pail Getty. He confesses that his father is one of those who have influenced his thinking. However, he listens to those who have the courage to follow their vision. The strategy that propelled his business is remembering to create value for the customer and that only one person might have an idea but bringing it to life takes a whole team.

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Omar Yunes Wins BFW For Mexico

Omar Yunes was recently recognized as Best Franchisee of the World in 2015’s version of the BFW event. The competition was held in Florence, Italy and included members from over 30 different countries. The competition is international, meaning that anyone from any origin is able to compete and possibly win. The competition takes place every single year and this past competition just so happened to include two finalist from the very same country, Mexico.

The event is ment to showcase the worlds best busniess leaders and highlight specific characteristics that these people contain. For example, judges are looking for Franchisees who can contribute savings plans, encourage and motivate employees to go above and beyond their job titles, someone who can pour their own knowledge into the franchise, and someone who can take control and gain profit. Omar Yunes served as a prime example.

Omar Yunes is currently Franchisee of Sushi Itto. Sushi Itto is a very successful Japanese style restaurant located in and throughout Mexico. Omar Yunes first stepped up as Franchisee when he was just 21 years old. Since then, he has expanded the franchise to include 13 more units and roughly 400 new employees. Some of the locations of the restaurant include Vera Cruz, Puebla, and Mexico City. It’s safe to say that Yunes hasn’t seen much of anything that hasn’t involved a great amount of success. When he received his award for Best Franchisee, the judges spoke about the relationship Omar Yunes created with Sushi Itto. They believe he revolutionized the traditional relationship normally held between a franchise and a Franchisee and that the results were significantly impactful. A second notable contribution Omar Yunes made to Sushi Itto was the implementation of new control boards. These boards help him to better manage and oversee the franchise as a whole so he can really focus on and downsize problem areas. Omar Yunes was happy to finally win this award and even more proud to be named one of the first Mexicans to do so.

Clearabee Rubbish Removal

When you’ve got a rubbish clearance job that needs done, are located in London, and don’t know how to get rid of it, Clearabee is the company to call. Clearabee will handle rubbish clearance for your home, trade, installer and fitter, or business.


For those of your who are located in London, the rubbish clearance problems you have will be solved with a company known for their speed, affordability and convenience. Clearabee has a trade scheme called Beeloyal. This scheme works because there is no need to start a new account to benefit by their low prices or spend too much time order collections on the telephone. You only need to login when you need the services and place your order.


Rubbish clearance will be completed the very same day is needed. They will even take photographs of the before and after so that you may see that the job is accomplished immediately.


Clearabee has many benefits for rubbish clearance that include fixed load and flexible sizes, regular collections with fixed prices, labour being included, many waste streams, no outsourcing, credit or card facilities available, trade accounts with an account manager, and nationwide service. They are very reliable with their responsive man and van services.

Richard Mishaan Celebrates Newly Released Book, “Artfully Modern”.

Richard Mishaan Design is an interior design firm that has been operating at a high level for nearly 25 years in New York City. Richard Mishaan, the titular owner of the company, has quickly grown into one of the most interesting interior decorators around thanks to his unique approach to the design world. Mishaan has worked on everything from luxury high rises to small apartments in Soho, and all of the projects in between. Now, Richard Mishaan Design is celebrating the release of his newest book – “Artfully Modern” which made its debut on top of the Amazon sales charts.


“Artfully Modern” is the second release that Richard Mishaan has put out in table top format for his fans and potential clients at home. The book features much of what makes Mishaan’s work so great and it serves as an excellent introduction to his work in entirety. In order to celebrate the release of the book Mishaan is hosting a dinner at Margaux at the Marlton Hotel for friends, family members, artists, and the rest of his team at Richard Mishaan Design. The event was put together to celebrate both the dinner and Mishaan’s continued success in New York City as one of the fastest growing architects and interior designers therein.


The key thing to remember about Richard Mishaan and Richard Mishaan Design is that his work is typically bereft of trademark — on purpose. Richard Mishaan Design focuses on creating lush, luxurious, and layered rooms that are unique to clients rather than the creator. A former client says, “Richard can make something beautiful, and make it yours, not his.” Richard Mishaan Design will often feature a decorative piece of artwork or a cherished souvenir as the center piece of a room in order to pull everything together, even if it isn’t an expected selection.

Bruce Bent II: An Investor in Success

Bruce Bent II is a financial investor, who currently works as the President of the Reserve Management Company. Bent also serves as the Vice Chairman of Double Rock Corporation. Before Bent began his career as a financial investor. Bent obtained a degree of Bachelor of Science in Philosophy from Northeastern University. As a senior executive to each of Double Rock company, he also has the traits of being a manager and a C.E.O to the Reserve. The Reserve is a FDIC cash management company that offers money market mutual funds. Before the economic breakdown of 2008, Bent was the president of The Reserve. The Reserve was one of the largest privately money market institution in the world. Bent`s hard work at The Reserve grew the cash products from $4 billion to $130 billion over a 17-year period. As Bent continued to work hard at The Reserve, Bent had the responsibility of overseeing the orderly winding down of the company due to the economic collapse of 2008.As Bent as their guide, the production and the markets of the Reserve were expanded. Bent serves a member of the Young Presidents` Organization. An organization the has over 10,000 young business leaders globally. Bent is currently a member of the 99 Jane Street Condominium Association and a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization. Previously he was a member of the President`s Advisory Council Scenic Hudson and chairman of the Gotham Chapter. Bent has the ethics and the charisma of being an experienced entrepreneur who has the gift of being creative in dealing with asset management, creating a plan, and producing solutions for brokers-dealers. Bent had a column in the World Journal and Chine Press. Bent has been highlighted in the Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful CEOs book. Bent also gave a statement about patent on the back cover of the Corporate Insider’s Guide to U.S. Patent Practice.

The Success Story Of NuoDB

Barry S. Morris and Jim Starkey had set out to create an alternative database solution in the otherwise bare marketplace. In 2008, NimbusDB was invented to change the way databases are used in a corporate setting. Since the name change in 2011 to NuoDB, they had caught the interest of several venture capital firms. In 2012 alone, they had raised $17 million to start up the company. And to this day, over $59 million had been raised from actively involved investors.

NuoDB is well known for their ability to speed up cloud-based applications. Companies have been transitioning due to the sluggish behavior of other leading SQL platforms on distributed computing data centers. Kodiak, Alfa Systems, and UAE Exchange are some of their proudest customers that have switched over to the latest trend. With this new piece of technology, their web applications will never have any downtime due to the distributed nature of the database.

NuoDB had been specifically designed to increase SQL database performance on server clusters. Server clusters are powerful, yet need specific guidance in order to perform complicated computing tasks. NuoDB has commands that utilize the usage of database requests on cluster hardware servers. This nature of mastering distributed computing also makes it useful for cloud-based programming.