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How Doug Levitt Compiled the Greyhound Dairies

The Greyhound Dairies is a project that involves touring different places and interacting with other travelers. It also involves musicians traveling thousands of miles by the Greyhound buses, making music and collecting stories. The Greyhound Diaries uses music as a way to share with struggling travelers. This tradition dates back to several decades ago and tries to explain the personal journey of poverty-stricken people traveling by the Greyhound buses. Singer Doug Levitt is the brains behind the Greyhound Diaries. He has performed on various platforms, such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Woody Guthrie Center, and the Kennedy Center. This project has been featured on various media houses, including CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, the Wall Street Journal, and Reuters. David Henry is a producer that works in collaboration with Levitt to produce music under this project. David Henry has recorded numerous records that include drummer for Steve Earle & Eric Church and Counting Crows & Craig Wright.


About Doug Levitt


Doug Levitt is a former journalist and currently a songwriter from the United States. Before venturing into music, Levitt was a foreign correspondent for CNN. He also worked for media houses such as ABC and NBC. He has been in the music industry for over a decade and has been riding the Greyhound buses across the country, gathering pictures, stories, songs, and memories. This endeavor began as art, and it has transitioned into a music career for Levitt.


The Greyhound Diaries project is a basis of his pair of web series and EP recordings. According to the Levitt, this program played a huge role in the modeling of WPA initiatives of the early 1930’s. Artists use this platform to narrate the crisis in America. During his road trips with the Greyhound buses, Levitt gets to talk to people and allows them to share their life experiences. Levitt is the son of a female Republican politician from Washington D.C. He used to sing gospel music in church while he was in high school before joining college. His bachelor’s degree and postgraduate degree are from Cornell University and the London School of Economics.



Maggie Gill Brings Prosperity Back To Memorial

Newly appointed CEO/President of Memorial University Medical Center Maggie Gill is diving into her job full-throttle. On Wednesday night, the 16-member board of directors removed the interim from her title and made her the permanent CEO. She succeeds embattled Philip Schaengold, who was removed from the position just before her appointment.


“Maggie has shown incredible leadership during a very trying time and should be rewarded for her good work,” said board member J.C. Lewis III. The board is working on finalizing Gill’s contract.


Gill says she is 150% committed to this job and is focused on providing the best possible care for all patients. “It has always been my goal to run this hospital in a manner that will make patients and staff proud,” said Gill.


While under Schaengold’s leadership, Memorial went through several rough patches. Relationships deteriorated, and management problems made matters even worse. Gill promises to bring back stability while building relationships. “There were a lot of frustrated people working at the hospital,” said Lewis. “Things had gotten so bad that we were forced to make a change.”


In an interview with the Morning News, Gill stressed the importance of communication. She also stated that the hospital will get back to its roots of community-based values.


Holding true to her word, Maggie Gill has already begun a shake up of executive staff. The billing and collections process will be completely revamped for efficiency. Gill says there a number of pressing issues that will be tackled. Repairing the physician-team member relationship is a must.

Helane Morrison’s Honesty Taking Her to Greater Heights

How often do you get a downright honest individual, especially in the public sector? In the world we are living in, the answer is never. Well, that could be a bit of an exaggeration on my part, but the truth is, there are fewer honest and morally upright people than before.

However, all is not lost, as there are a few individuals who are setting the pace and trying to bring back sanity in our world. Such individuals stick to their ideals and protect not only the rule of law but humanity as well. These sober individuals go against the current and exhibit extraordinary qualities. Besides building a name for themselves, they make us feel human again.

It would be quite unfair to hold such a discussion without mentioning Helane Morrison. In my opinion, Morrison is an exemplary individual who has maintained ethical integrity in her entire lifetime. Not only has she kept herself straight, but also, anyone around her has to comply with her moral standards. Helane’s unique character is attributed to the fact that she has worked in the finance sector without allowing her character be compromised.
Helane Morrison has restored some level of confidence in the Wall Street.

Having lost its credibility and popularity in the 2007-2008 crash, investors lost faith in the financial sector. However, efforts from individuals like Morrison have seen some level of confidence restored in Wall Street.

Just like in the wild, the financial market is full of cunning wolves lying in wait on unsuspecting sheep, in this case greenhorn investors. The average investor is a vulnerable creature who needs guidance and protection to make their investments worth. Unfortunately, the financial market is full of corruption and swindles as is characteristic of anywhere big money is involved.

With all these in mind, honest individuals like Morrison have taken it upon themselves to protect people’s investments. Her legal experience with matters dealing in finance has put her in a better position to deal with the issues that arise. Her diligence and incorruptible character have seen her work with the government at the San Francisco office of US Securities and Exchange, where she was mandated with the duty of protecting individuals and corporations against fraud. During Helane Morrison’s service there, she ensured full disclosure of information and fairness in transactions. This is one of the highlights of her career, whereby Morrison led numerous fraud cases against top executives who were regarded as untouchables.

In line with her personal beliefs, Morrison took up a position at Hall Capital, San Francisco’s most successful investment advisory firm. It was quite expected as it turned out that the pioneering spirit of the organization is what led her there as opposed to the healthy returns.

Investing in Contemporary Art: Adam Sender

Adam Sender is not just a financial advisor, but an accomplished art collector who has accumulated some of the most leading contemporary art. He succeeded by keeping his eye on future and up-coming artists over the years. His goal was to collect the best creative at the most reasonable prices – ideally before a particular artist grew in fame. Sender has consistently acquired a collection that is coherent and engaging from piece to piece rather than individual groupings. He started decades ago and as he is now in his forties, his collection goes beyond just the idea of classics. His collection of art is truly personal and carefully selected. Some of the art has been developed by established artists while others are more young up-and-coming creatives such as Adam McEwen, Rashid Johnson and Lucien Smith.

He selects art that is intellectually stimulating and visually appealing, which isn’t easy when there are so many great artists out there. Sender, therefore, has a unique ability to really focus in on an artist or type of creative that gives his collection the streamlined and rich personality he’s cultivated. He enjoys sharing his collection with the world showing his art in museums – something he originally never thought would happen when he started out buying contemporary pieces. His love and passion for the art helped his showcase grow organically.

As of 2014, he had about 800 works by around 139 artists – encapsulating his drive for variety. Although he recently decided to sell half of his work, he still has his passion. He originally started collecting as an investment. Investing in a hedge-fund may be where you make 20%, but contemporary art lifted global art sales to approximately $65.3 billion. He did not expect to have the passion and at times obsession, as he puts it, he’d have for collecting. Sender just was trying to buy the very best work that was decently priced.

QNet, Direct Selling, and Why QNet has been So Successful

QNet is one of the world’s premier direct selling companies. QNet currently operates in excess of one hundred countries around the world, and is based out of Hong Kong. QNet was founded by Vijay Eswaran in 1998, where QNet was originally known as GoldQuest, which specialized in printing custom-made coins. QNet expanded its operations in the year of 2002, where it started selling travel packages and various consumer goods.

QNet’s direct selling model is one of the most important reasons explaining QNet’s resounding worldwide success. Direct selling differs from evil, malicious marketing schemes such as pyramid marketing schemes and multi-level marketing schemes, in the sense that QNet’s independent representatives work for QNet, not for anyone else. People who work in pyramid and multi-level marketing schemes work for recruiters who have been recruited by a company, who have been recruited by a company, etc. Direct selling companies are one hundred percent reputable, ethical, and legal in most countries.

QNet has a wide range of product lines, including products focused around weight loss management, home and health care, luxury items, and nutrition foods and supplements. Independent retailers who work on behalf of QNet are able to choose whichever type and brand of product they think will sell the best, and they are able to sell it virtually however they want to. If an independent representative chooses to call all the people in their phone to find out if someone wants to buy one of their products, they can; or, one could post flyers around town on light poles; or, one could choose to market and advertise their products on social media apps and websites for free.

The freedom the QNet allows their independent retailers is one of the biggest reasons explaining QNet’s success. QNet operates in excess of one hundred countries around the world, and has offices in more than ten countries.

QNet has recently announced the the company plans to construct and open a new production center in India, which is expected to produce various consumer goods and electronics. The production center not only helps QNet as a business out by increasing revenues, but aids the people of India in finding jobs. In addition to finding jobs, the production center is expected to stimulate India’s local economy, which effectively increases the performance of all nearby businesses.

QNet is by far the world’s leading direct selling company, let alone one of the widest-reaching companies in the entire world. QNet’s direct selling business model has helped lift QNet to within the upper echelons of the business world, and many other companies have tried to emulate and imitate QNet’s direct selling business model. If one is interested in working for QNet, visit QNet’s website and apply today!

How Qnet has Grown and Itself and the Community

Founded in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran, Qnet is one of the worlds leading retailer in the Asia. They deal in a very wide array of products. Their business revolves around ecommerce with their online platform being used in more than 100 countries.

They have adopted a business model that is based on multi level marketing and direct marketing. This strategy has seen them develop a large network of people promoting their products. They have therefore opened offices in different locations in order to satisfy their ever growing market, so far they have twenty five offices that span through Asia, Europe, the middle east and Africa.

Their on line platform has evolved over the years from a basic website that promotes products to a fully scalable ecommerce franchise. They have also got mobile apps in different stores that enable customers to shop in the comfort of their phones. This evolution has provided great opportunity to the company and has seen them increase their customers in the resent times.

Qnet has been in the front line in promotion of innovation, this is mainly geared towards the youth but they have come up with a scheme that can allow you to ship items that you produce in your home in a small scale. This items have to be subjected to quality assurance checks first before you are allowed to sell them. This has led the company to partner with most startups especially in India where they provide a medium for their products to reach customers.

In India this company has started production plants where it is producing its own goods and using the Qnet platform to sell them. This means that this goods get to compete with other similar goods in the market while creating a form jobs to people in this plants. This move has been reported to have caused large profits in the company.
Owing to the unique way that the company sells goods to people, it has been able to help millions of people from the 100 countries where the platform is used to be self employed and empowered. This has given a chance to people for making a living and starting sales careers from their experience at Qnet.

Qnet,s involvement in the sports world is a thing that hit headlines. They are one of the sponsors of the English premiership club Manchester city. This partnership has seen the merging of two brands which are determined to empower the youth and to take on new challenges in their respective fields. The Qnet administrators said that this are two brands that started from the bottom and have since rose to achieve great heights. Manchester city started off as a community club while qnet was started by a group of friends .

Dan Newlin: The Experienced Attorney You Need

Attorney Dan Newlin is the personal injury lawyer whose wide breadth of experience will get you the compensation you deserve in your personal injury case. The esteemed attorney first started working in the legal field as a law enforcement officer in the Chicago area. It was in this capacity that he caught the eye of the Orange County Florida Sheriff’s Office and began working for them. He served ten years as an investigator and eventually earned the rank as Sheriff’s detective. Newlin’s law enforcement experience has given him an attention to detail that is unparalleled by any other personal injury lawyers. You can be rest assured that he will find the details that will get you the most in your compensation case.

There are many steps that need to be taken in order for you to receive compensation for your personal injury case. The business or individual who has caused you harm will not see the case through your eyes. Instead, they will look out for themselves at will hire an attorney for themselves. It is in your best interest to seek out a lawyer who will hear your case and decide on it’s merits that your case is sound. Once you have chosen a lawyer they will file the necessary paper work to get your case into the court system. This can be a time intensive and confusing process and the Dan Newlin attorneys have spent their careers doing just this sort of thing. The next step of the process is the “fact-finding” or discovery phase. This is where Newlin’s experience as an investigator will work for you as he will interview witnesses and participants to get to the truth of what happened. Most personal injury cases do not go to trial and are resolved in settlement and this is the point at which you may expect to receive a settlement. However, there are cases that will go to trial and Newlin has the courtroom experience you need and deserve.

Newlin is proud to represent families who need and deserve compensation due to the negligence of others. He has been credited for arguing record setting compensation claims for working people throughout Florida and Illinois. He is the investigator and attorney you need and deserve.

Brian Bonar a Financial Strategy Planner

Brian Bonar, a Stafford University graduate has moved on to become one of the financial worlds best financial brokers. Currently listed with Trucept Inc., Dalrada Financial Services this corporate sales manager is pushing Trucept to a coveted position in the market. Providing strong leadership is not a new position for this innovative administrator.

Training at one of the strongest management schools in the country, Brian Bonar has devoted his life to improving the market position of any company he operates, formerly with Allegiant Professional Business Services and acted as an establishing member of AMS Outsourcing, placing him in a position of authority for the operation of Trucept Inc.

While working for Dalrada Financial Brian Bonar acted as Director from 1995 then became Chairman of the Board in 1999. Prior to 1995, he was Director of Technology Sales. This experience has helped him understand the benefits of assisting companies with financial services relieving them of important but mundane task, when core business is the necessary focus. Trucept under his management is growing by temporarily staffing businesses with skilled staffing on a temporary basis. This helps them to reduce overhead and any other financial liabilities, improving their bottom line.

Brian Bonar’s has a background of success spanning years of corporate experience. Acting as Vice President for “Worldwide Sales and Marketing for Bezier Systems Inc., he is a qualified management professional. Bezier is headquartered in San Jose, California. He is familiar with the day-to-day operation of a business and its needs. This knowledge allows him to guide Trucept in supplying a company of any size, a rotation of trained staff.

Prior to coming to Bezier, he was Vice President for the Rastek Corporation, also working with laser printers. Several other firms employed Brian Bonar. This experienced financial executive has over 35 years of experience in the field of printing products and company operations. Highly trained in his field, Brian Bonar has proved he is capable of taking any company to its highest level of earnings.

Eric Pulier Continues To Help Humanity Through Technology

Becoming an entrepreneur requires someone able to look at one or more areas and finding new ways to innovate, and this is what Eric Pulier started doing at a young age. Eric Pulier was still in high school when he started his first company which handled databases. With success at such a young age Eric Pulier would continue his success as an entrepreneur while helping causes he believes in.

Eric Pulier did not become a success overnight as he still had to first learn to program and make uses of databases. His high school days were really the start of his journey; as he moved forward into college he would attend Harvard University, while also taking classes at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His studying paid off when he graduated magna cum laude in 1988.

His first step as an entrepreneur outside of high school would take place in 1991 when he founded People Doing Things (PDT). PDT is a company that finds unique ways of using technology to better the health care, and education systems.

By 1994 Eric would found his second company, Digital Evolution, before it merged with US Interactive LLC in 1998. His desire to work with technology would not only affect his professional life as Eric Pulier would also go onto use his skills to help build Starbright World.

Eric donated to help the Starlight Foundation create Starbright World. Starbright World is a service designed to allow kids suffering from chronic illness have a social network to talk with others going through similar things. Eric Pulier also helped manage the program through its’ initial inception all the way to completion.

Starbright World would go on to link over 75 hospitals together with a dedicated video conferencing network. With this video network those that were ill could talk face to face with others in various stages of the same illness, giving children a chance to talk with others that understand what they are going through.

Eric Pulier is also a published author, his book co-written by Hugh Taylor, is titled Understanding Enterprise SOA. He also wrote The Enterprise Industrial Complex which was featured in Forbes Magazine in 2012. Both were considered excellent sources of information within their respective areas.

Today Eric Pulier continues his efforts in pushing technology forward through the XPRIZE, where he is a board member. XPRIZE continues to solve some of the most difficult challenges humanity faces by using technology.

Winter X Games


The highly anticipated 2015 Winter X games are finally here, as the games are set to take off on Thursday evening and run through Sunday. The winter X games feature the best extreme athletes from around the world who descend on Aspen, Colorado every year in January in hopes of taking home X games gold. The event has taken place in Aspen since 2002 and looks to be the place X calls home for a long time to come. There are a lot of storylines in these games, as old and new athletes prepare to pull off their best tricks and try to get the best scores possible out of the panel of judges that will be scoring the events. Superstar snowboarder Shaun White will be back and competing in the Super pipe event after a hiatus, although he has been hands down the best Super pipe rider in history. He has completely dominated the X games since he came into prominence as a younger kid, but since then he has kind of dropped off the map a bit. Other riders have stepped up their game by a great amount and he no longer stands alone as the best snowboarder in the world. He will have to dig deep into his bag of tricks if he wants to take home some gold medals in these games, but if anyone can do it is surely is Shaun White. Anyone travelling to Aspen this week has to check out the games as Sergio Andrade Gutierrez says, “get out there and shred.”