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The heavy rain downpour experienced recently in Xerem has brought in its wake a massive flooding and as a consequence precipitated a health epidemic. The region is prone to flooding and landslides due to its poor topography.


The Health Secretary together with his team have created a Dengue fever Hydration Center in Xerem, which began serving the local area residents on Sunday. The government has deployed workers in the center together with 12 chairs to serve up-to 300 people daily.

Sergio Cortes said that the government is taking action knowing the worst can happen, but hoping that situation becomes better. The Hydration facility was a preventive measure by Health Department to assist the municipality, whose environment is littered with garbage. He further reminded the people that the dirty environment increases the risk for growth and reproduction of the dengue fever mosquito. To learn more from Dr. Sergio Cortes you can follow him on Twitter.
To determine the suitability of the local water for human consumption the State Department of Health commissioned a study in seven emergency shelters conducted by the Central Laboratory. The results of the study showed that the water was filled with contaminants which increased the risk to waterborne disease epidemics.


In a meeting convened by the State Health Secretary with the local officials, both parties expressed willingness in cooperation to increase the number of calamity kits in the municipality. Dr.Sergio Cortes promised an extra 3,000 antibiotics for prevention of the spread of leptospirosis. To prevent the proliferation of water-borne diseases the State government offered to give to Xerem up-to 10,000 bottles of disinfectants such as sodium hypochlorite.

Sergio Ramos identified shelters as most the appropriate centers for distribution of humanitarian services, he also urged people who wish to donate food supplies and shelter to the flood victims to ensure that they also remember to give bottled water. He encourage the people who are in their homes, as well as those displaced by the flood water to drink and cook using bottled water. In absence of bottled watered, he urged local residents to use sodium hypochlorite solution in their water tanks as it is an effective tool in killing germs.
The government health department deserves commendation for the steadfast action it has taken to alleviated disease and suffering for the people affected by the torrential rainfall, under the leadership of the Harvard educated medical doctor, Sergio Cortes.


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