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Arctic Storms in North America Breaking Records

The arctic storms that have been developing all across North America this week were expected to finish by the end of the week. However, it seems to still be raging on as the rate of snow fall as been climbing higher and higher, with amounts of snow reaching more than one foot at some places in the United States.

The jet stream keeps moving to strike both the United States and Canada, with a record of cold air that is incomparable. Forecast news expect that this situation is going to remain for at least two more days before the jet stream moves, giving space to new areas of arctic storms to reach new regions.

Alaska, which had a better forecast than the rest of the country those days, would be exposed in the next few days, which would mean more cold and snow.

This happens in a time a storm originating in the middle of Bering Sea in the typhoon nuri meeting air coming from Siberia, this had been expected to cause a polar vortex, but instead it formed an arctic outbreak.

The thing in common between the two is that they are both unexpected, as they could happen with no warning and they both carry significant breezes from the pole. This storm is still expected to rage in the next week span, and it caused a lot of cold and damage so far.

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