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Places To Avoid This Summer For Vacation

Summer fun is just around the corner. Most people have already planned their vacations to some far away destination that will create a lifetime of memories. However, do you know that there are some vacation spots that are considered dangerous regardless of their appeal? Some head for the beaches and some to the mountains, but whatever you do avoid Mount Everest. Many want to climb to the top of this popular mountain at least once in their life. However, it’s like climbing an ice cube and many find they don’t make it to the top. In fact, many find that they get hurt and or seriously injured in their endeavor.

Another place to avoid if you hate snakes is Ilha De Queimada Grande. Close to Brazil, this island is known for its tranquil beauty and venomous snakes. In fact, the areas is so overrun by snakes the chances of being bitten here are greater than anywhere else in the world. It is said that if you walk just one square block you will see between 2-5 snakes. Those odds are too high for anyone.

Christian Broda is left asking: what about Honduras? There is breathtaking scenery here and beaches to die for. However, the disease here is so ramped that it is not safe for those who live outside the area. Malaria is commonplace here, as are many other deadly viruses. When trying to find a destination to go to this summer, do some research and make sure it’s the best place for you and your family.