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More Woe For Venezuelans as Airlines Cancel Their Services

Just when things appeared as if they couldn’t get any less desirable for Venezuela, they took a turn for the worse. Two of the largest Latin American airlines, Latam and Lufthansa have decided to suspend all flights to and from Venezuela. They largely claim the reasons to be the lack of funds as well as governmental currency controls. Other airlines are still operating there, but have begun to implement their services for cash dollar only.
According to, this comes at a time when the economic situation in Venezuela appears to only be worsening. These last few weeks have seen the citizens standing in mile long lines waiting for the most basic of goods. Toilet paper and other hygiene products are in scarce supply. In some instances, stores have run completely out of them. Coca-Cola has also decided to stop their production country wide. They say it is due to a lack of resources (sugar mainly) as well as government price controls.

What does all of this mean for the people of Venezuela? asks expert Mr. Osio. There are stories all over the news that state the citizens are getting restless and a violent coup might be stirring. This country appears to be collapsing from within and the entire world can do nothing but watch.