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Jonathan Veitch, College Student to College President

Jonathan Veitch was born in 1959 to mother Carol Lee Veitch. His father, John, was president of film productions at Columbia Pictures. He grew up in Los Angeles, California.

Upon graduating from Loyola high school in Southern California, Jonathan attended Stanford University where he received a degree in American Literature and English. Instead of seeking a profession that would put his education to work, Jonathan adventured through several odd jobs. He was experienced life as a farmer working in a dairy in Nebraska and spent a stint in Mississippi as a tugboat hand. One job he remembers clearly is working in Boston on the fish docks. These experiences gained Jonathan a degree in the school of hard knocks. The bonus was all he discovered as he worked with people from many different backgrounds.

Putting these hard days in his past, Jonathan went back to school. He attended Harvard, earning his M.A. and Ph.D.

In 1992 Jonathan fell in love with Sarah Kersh. They married and moved to Wisconsin, where he accepted the position as English Professor at the University of Wisconsin. It was here that he wrote “American Superrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930’s.” Published in 1997, this was Jonathan’s first book.

He later moved to New York, teaching cultural history, literature and American films at the New School. It did not take long to be promoted to the Dean of Liberal Arts.

Jonathan Veitch worked hard for years. He received the honor and reward for a job well done in the form of the offer of the position of president of Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. He accepted the position in July of 2009.

Jonathan addressed the community’s concerns about future campus developments. He announced the college would focus on renovations and constructing new facilities only as the need arises. Under his leadership, the first project completed was the restoration of Swan Hall. This 98 year old building houses some of the college faculty offices.

Jonathan is an author, focusing his award winning publications on 19th and 20th century American film, history, and culture.

Jonathan and Sarah live on the Occidental campus in the Presidents house with their three children.
Dr. Jonathan Veitch is an example of hard work, dedication to education, and what can be accomplished when a person sets goals and does not grow weary in what it takes to achieve them.

Svarlbard Global Seed Vault Recieves 100,000 More Seeds

The Svarlbard Global Seed Vault has added 100,000 new seeds to its stores. It had received four deliveries of seeds from 100 countries, thereby adding to a collection of 800,000 seeds.

The Svarlbard Global Seed Vault was established in 2008. Svarlbard itself is a Norwegian island group in the Arctic Ocean between the North Pole and continental Norway. Dave and Brit Morin have read that the vault was cut into rock and the seeds in it are refrigerated to keep them from rotting. On paper, the vault can hold 2.5 billion seeds. It is managed by the Global Crop Diversity Trust, which uses the vault to collect seeds used in agriculture and inventory them. The vault’s main purpose is to prevent the extinction of species that could be harmed by climate change. It is also a back-up for similar and smaller seed banks scattered around the world.

The newly collected and stored seeds come from a multitude of plants including several types of barley, corn, chickpea, groundnut and wheat. The shipment also included seeds from vegetables native to Africa including amaranth, okra and jute mallow.

Jared Haftel Has Big Financial App Plans

Jared Haftel received his undergraduate degree at Duke University, and he is enrolled in the MBA program at Stanford University. Jared has always been interested in math and finance, and that is why he took a job with Bank of America shortly after graduating from Duke. He has been working at Bank of America while pursuing his Master’s Degree, and he is planning on changing the way that people handle their money.

The goals that Jared has for his career reach far beyond what most people would do behind the desk at a bank. Jared wants to change the ways in which people manage their money. Jared knows that most people do not have all the information they need to take care of their money, and he has plans to help people get all that information when they need it the most.

The Apps

Jared wants to work in the world of mobile apps so that he can reach people who may be in the most need. These mobile apps are going to be places where people can search for information they need without going into a bank or making a phone call. Many people are intimidated by a trip into the bank, and they do not want to sit across from a bank manager and learn all that they do not know about finances.

Jared’s mobile apps are meant to give people the information they need in plain English. The majority of people that use these apps will be able to enter their personal information to get customized responses. This also means that people can ask for differing advice based on their personal situation. Some people will find that they can make better decisions when they are reading the responses on the app, and they will never have to worry about the fear of going into the bank personally.

Jared’s goals are noble, and he hopes to help change the way banks interact with customers. He knows some people are not reached yet, and he knows that these apps can help bring them into the fold.