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What Eva Moskowitz Believes In And Fights For

The battle is still on when it comes to education and charter schools. We hear about this discussion from time to time, but rarely do we hear about the people who are really carrying on the fight. These days, Eva Moskowitz is one person who can be found at the forefront of the charter school battle.


Eva Moskowitz believes in charter schools, and she is not afraid to work with anyone to make them a reality. The problem as Eva Moskowitz sees it is that the adults in the room are too busy arguing with one another to remember that they are supposed to be fighting for the best educational interests of the children. That is something that plays out in the halls of Congress and in other political arenas all the time.


Eva Moskowitz is a registered Democrat and voted for Hillary Clinton in the last election, but these days she is taking meetings with Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and others as well. She does not care what political party you call home, she just wants to see children get what is best for their educational interests. If she can get that, then she believes she has had a successful day.


The Success Academy Charter School is a project that Eva Moskowitz was instrumental in, and she points to it all the time as a great example of what charter schools can be. The students who have the option to attend this charter school like it, and their test results tend to show improvement over those stuck in public schools.


The public school system is simply not all that it once was. Many of the schools are failing the students, their parents, and our society. If that is the case, then wouldn’t it be a better solution to have charter schools available to students?